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How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 8

Although there are a lot of other fish species that are more delicate than goldfish, it’s nonetheless important to maintain a goldfish aquarium well. You took an East Asian fish from its natural habitat, put it in an aquarium—you shouldn’t leave the fish to adapt to its new environment itself. It’s your responsibility to replicate the goldfish’s natural habitat in a limited goldfish aquarium.

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In the wild, goldfishes can live up to 20 years, some even believed to reach 50 years. If you follow proper goldfish aquarium maintenance, you can expect these exotic fishes to live up to at least 15 years.

Aquarium Size and Stocking

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 9

Forget about putting even one goldfish in a fishbowl. Goldfish are not the right type of aquarium fish that can be placed in a fishbowl. A lone goldfish needs at least a 10 gallon goldfish aquarium water to move around and stay healthy. The rule of thumb when adding more goldfish is that each fish should have at least 6-8 gallons of water as space.

Tip: When buying goldfish aquarium, start with at least 30 gallon tank. It’s economical to just add more water when you add one more fish than to buy an entire aquarium set because you started out with a 10 gallon tank.

Aquarium Water Parameters

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 10

Other crucial elements that determine the fate of your goldfish are three goldfish aquarium parameters:

Temperature – Goldfish live in cold river and pond waters in East Asia. So their tank should never exceed 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal range of temperature should be between 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. During, summer put a goldfish aquarium in an air-conditioned room to maintain the ideal temperature.

Electrolytes – Don’t believe in the notion that goldfish can adopt to the absence of calcium and magnesium electrolytes in the water. They need these electrolytes to live long and healthy life. Get a proper GH and KH test kit and replace the tank water regularly to ensure proper levels of these electrolytes.

Organic wastes – These comes from the goldfish’s urine and feces discharge. The ideal ammonia and nitrites level should be 0 and nitrates level less than 40 ppm.

Aquarium Water Maintenance

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 11

To maintain optimum goldfish aquarium water quality, you need a filter that has mechanical, biological, and chemical capabilities to rid the water of physical and chemical impurities that are harmful to your goldfish. Goldfish is generally dirty pet fish species, so you need to partially replace a quarter of the tank water as often as once a week or as rarely as once every two weeks. Without sucking out the substrate, siphon very close to the bottom of the tank to take out the waste and food left overs that sunk to the bottom.

Substrate or No Substrate

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 12

Gravel substrate per se is not dangerous to the health of goldfishes. But rather the wrong sized gravel substrate that can easily enter a relatively large goldfish’s mouth is what’s wrong. So using large enough gravel size that can’t fit your goldfish’s mouth should be okay. However, there’s another reason why purists believe that goldfish aquarium should not have substrate: hygiene. The goldfish’s big appetite makes them one of the most dirty aquarium fish species, and tank substrate should only make cleaning even more difficult.

Goldfish Aquarium Decor

How to Maintain a Goldfish Aquarium 13

Goldfish aquarium decors on the other hand do not only provide aesthetics, they provide real utility to the fish too. It is fond of hiding and having a quiet time alone every once in a while. Tank decors such as castles, artificial plants, and fake corals should provide them nice places to hide. Just make sure you maintain the 6-8 gallons minimum water space for each goldfish in the tank.

These are the things you should expect if you want to maintain a pristine and harmonious goldfish aquarium.

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