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How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 9

Face it, if you own a cockatiel, or any types of parrot, you need to invest on a good pair of ear plugs. It’s your pet’s nature to scream if it wants to; it wouldn’t be a parrot if it doesn’t know how to scream. But when the screaming gets too loud that your ear plugs are popping out of your ears, it’s time for an intervention. It’s time to train your parrot to tone it down a bit through the following.

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1. Know Cockatiels Out-and-out

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 10

In case you’re still wondering why such a small bird as a cockatiel can be as rowdy as a mariachi, well, it all boils down to the bird’s characteristic. Cockatiels are intelligent birds that need constant stimulation or companion to escape boredom. Knowing this fact alone can help you tone down your cockatiel’s screaming by a lot.

2. Get Your Cockatiel a Companion

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 11

Now that you know your pet needs constant stimulation, give it to your pet. Get another cockatiel to keep it company. In fact, you should keep at least two cockatiels because they are social animals that needs at least another one of their kind to be happy.

3. Get Pet Bird Toys

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 12

Getting two cockatiels isn’t enough to keep each other entertained though. You need back up in the form of pet bird toys. Get safe, entertaining, colorful pet bird toys that allow your cockatiels to forage, shred, chew, and preen to keep their mind occupied for hours. You’ll also notice that your ‘tiels get attached to their favorite toy; don’t get it out of their site if you don’t want to trigger a “cockatiel fit.”

4. Schedule a Playtime with Your Birds

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 13

Don’t contemplate about getting a pair of cockatiels if you can’t commit few minutes of your day to play with the birds. Cockatiels need (demand) time commitment from their owners, so be sure you can set aside few minutes of your day to be with your ‘tiels, not just to change their water and top up the bird feeder, but to actually interact with them. It’s best if you can take time to play with your birds with their favorite pet bird toys before their bedtime.

5. Don’t Condone the Bad Behavior

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 14

Although it’s been fervently said that you need to give your cockatiels due attention, don’t spoil them. Sometimes your birds can just be naughty, screaming you to submission. Giving in to your birds screaming and keeping them company at this point is reinforcing your cockatiels’ bad behavior. So hold that ear plugs in, do yoga techniques, read a book in the patio, whatever you do, don’t give in to your birds tantrums. Your birds need to learn that playtime is scheduled the same time every day.

6. Keep a Blanket Handy

How to Minimize Cockatiels Screaming 15

What if after an hour your cockatiels are still at it, screaming like it’s the end of the world. What can you do? Well, you can deliver a strong statement to your ‘tiels that they can’t get what they want at the moment. Get a thin, cool cloth that allows air to pass through and cover your cockatiels’ cage with it until they stop screaming. While covering their cage, don’t talk to your ‘tiels or even give eye contact… ignore them completely. Remember that even eye contact can be taken as attention by cockatiels, which means they won, again.

But at the end of the day, you must accept the fact that you can’t totally eliminate your cockatiels screaming. No amount of attention or pet bird toys can stop your birds from screaming because it’s their nature to scream. Despite the fact that you can tone it down a bit, accept that the screaming is part of the package.

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