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Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 9

If your cockatoos are bored, you know what they could do to their feathers. Keeping your “fids” (feathered kids) entertained with cockatoo toys is therefore important to maintain their elegant feathers. But getting just any parrot toys has its own drawback too. Some of these toys contain toxic elements or lose parts that can physically harm your “fids,” so be a responsible cockatoo parent and get only safety and fun cockatoo toys like the following:

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Preening Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 10

If you have a super vain cockatoo that overdoes its preening to the point that it damages its feathers instead of grooming them, you need Nature Chest cockatoo preening toys. These cockatoo toys resemble cockatoo feathers. Your cockatoo can preen, pull, chew, and mutilate them keeping their attention away from their own feathers. In fact, if you consult a parrot vet for excessive preening and feather plucking problem, he or she might just tell you to get one of Nature Chest cockatoo preening toys for the solution.

Foraging Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 11

Foraging cockatoo toys are very good in entertaining your cockatoo for hours while you’re away. In the wild, cockatoos forage for food to fill their empty crop. It’s good to bring something from the wild to remind your “fids” how to live in nature once in a while. Foraging parrot toys keep your cockatoos mentally and gastronomically satisfied taking their attention away from their feathers. Just make sure to put only recommended treats for cockatoos in their foraging toys.

Foot Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 12

If you want to give your cockatoo some footwork, there are cockatoo foot toys designed for this purpose. Cockatoos particularly love colorful, rattling parrot toys that have lots of moving parts that challenge their wits and stimulates their imagination. Not only are you keeping your cockatoos entertained with these cockatoo toys, you’re keeping them fit, too. Try those foot toys that give your cockatoos a leg and neck workout to target two birds (figuratively) in one stone: entertainment and workout for your parrot.

Shredding Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 13

For super energetic cockatoos, a cockatoo shredding toys should satisfy your bird’s need to shred and wreck things to pieces. It’s the cockatoo toys to get if you want to save your antique furniture from being shredded into pieces by your bird – as if it’s big enough to wreck furniture. But, yes. Shredding toys should save your stuff from your bird’s beak. The good thing about shredding parrot toys is that you don’t have to spend a single centavo to get them. With ingenuity, you can invent one of your own: cardboard box, egg carton, old flush toys, used piñata, etc. make very good material for shredding cockatoo toys.

Training Toys

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 14

To sharpen your cockatoo’s wits, you can get it one of Nature Chest cockatoo training toys for this purpose. Cockatoos are smart. They need to be stimulated to avoid destructive boredom. A color and shape puzzle or basketball ring training toys should keep you and your parrot entertained while teaching your bird new tricks to boast. Other cockatoo owners trust only Nature Chest cockatoo training toys to be safe, fun, and educating for their pets.

Play stands

Only Safe “And Fun” Cockatoo Toys 15

Play stands on the other hand give cockatoos a fan way to exercise their entire body: neck, wings, legs, and toes. Play stands complete with climbing platforms, swinging perch and ropes, parrot trapeze, parrot training wheels, etc. should give your cockatoo a complete workout while entertaining it for the day. You can even hang few of your cockatoo toys in its play stand to complete the fun. There’s no way for your cockatoo to get bored with several of its toys in its play stand.

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