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Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 9

If you want the biggest and the most voracious pet frog in the world, you only have one choice: the ornate horned or pacman frog. Despite its size and appetite, however, the pacman pet frog is one of the easiest to take care of. Some smaller pet frog species are even more complex to take care of than the pacmans.

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Why Have Ornate Horned Frog as Pet

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 10

Ornate pet frogs are very comic. In fact, the name “pacman frog” was inspired by the classic computer game Pacman, which the frog resembles with its wide mouth and stocky body. Sometimes you’d think that the frog is all mouth! Ornate pet frogs don’t need elaborate housing; it feeds on almost anything moving you give it and does not need fancy pet frog supplies.

Ornate Horned Frog Description

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 11

Ornate horned frogs grow from 6-7 inches. It’s the largest pet frog you can own! The species lives up to its name “ornate horned frog” too. The frog is ornately colored with shades of black, dark brown, bright green, red, tan, and yellow. You can hardly make the distinction between the frog’s head and body. And when it opens its mouth, it’s not hard to see why it’s named after the computer game Pacman – its mouth is roughly half of its overall size!

Housing Ornate Horned Frog

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 12

Despite its size, pacman frogs don’t need large tanks because they hardly move around. You can house an adult pacman in a 10 gallon tank. Never make a mistake of housing two pacman frogs in one tank because the species maintains a strict code: eat, or be eaten. Your pets will try to eat their cage mates. Use only humus or moss as substrate, which you should keep moist by misting with distilled water, to avoid impaction.

Keep a very shallow water dish on one corner; pacman frogs are not good swimmers. The frogs came from the tropics, so keep the tank temperature between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, use heat pads instead of bulbs because your pet’s skin is highly sensitive to the drying effects of heat lamps.

Feeding Ornate Horned Frog

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 13

Ornate horned frogs are not difficult to feed at all. They eat anything that moves even animals that are larger than they are! So care should be exercise on this regard. Never place anything that moves that’s larger than your pet pacman frog or it would die trying to eat it.

Baby pacman frogs are fed with crickets, mealworms, wax worms, and pinkie mice. As they grow older and bigger, they can progress to eating medium size mouse, other smaller, non-poisonous frogs, and guppies. Pet frog food is available in your nearest pet frog supplies store in town.

Handling Ornate Horned Frog

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 14

Like most frog species, ornate horned frogs use their skin as an alternative breathing organ. So it’s important to keep your pet frog’s skin moist by misting it with water. Wash your hands with clear running water before handling your pet too. It’s best not to use soap in washing your hands to avoid leaving residues that you can transfer to your pet’s skin. Ornate horned frogs are pretty sturdy pets and they don’t move a lot, so they’re very easy to handle.

Choosing an Ornate Horned Frog

Ornate Horned or Pacman Frog Care Sheet 15

When choosing your first pet ornate horned frog, don’t let your excitement blur your judgment. Avoid heartaches by choosing a healthy pet frog from the get go. A healthy horned frog should have brightly colored and clear skin – not cloudy. The eyes should be wide open and clear – the frog species even sleeps with their eyes wide open! You can also pass your hands in front of the frog where it can see it clearly. A healthy pacman frog should respond with vocalization that sounds a bit like a short cow moo.

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