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Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 9

Ever since, mice have been given a bad rap by the media. They’re one of the most condemned animals that walked on the face of the earth—mouse control contraptions of all types and sizes have been created for their demise. But for some people, the atrocities of mice are part and partial of their being mice. And for some, a fancy mouse even makes a great, intelligent companion pet to have.

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Varieties of Fancy Mouse

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 10

If you’re planning to have a pet but want to avoid the cliché (i.e. dogs, cats, birds, etc.), a good alternative is a fancy mouse. There are five varieties of fancy mice that you can choose from as identified by the National Mouse Club:

Self – Fancy mice that are singly colored belonged to this variety.

Tans – This variety has rich golden hue (tan) coloration on the belly with clear demarcation of the top colors from the jaw to the flank.

Marked – These are beautifully colored fancy mice with distinct color patterns.

Satins – Fancy mice with bright, glossy sheen on their fur belonged to this variety.

AOV (Any other variety) – These are other fancy mice that don’t belong to the first four verities.

Fancy Mouse Temperament

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 11

If you can look pass your prejudices toward a fancy mouse, you might be surprised to learn they’re actually pretty docile animals. They make good pets for children! A mouse control is not needed if you know that mice will not bite unless provoked. The known bites by pet fancy mice are caused by mishandling including holding the animal while your fingers smell like cheese from a recent meal.

Fancy Mouse Intelligence

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 12

Pet dog owners might stop patronizing their pets’ intelligence if they know that fancy mice are equally if not more intelligent than larger, more common pets. A fancy mouse is able to recognize its name; it can be taught tricks; it has acute sense of smell like dogs; and most of all it’s able to potty train itself.

Fancy Mouse Shows

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 13

Since the organization of the National Mouse Club, fancy mice have become one of the smallest livestock shown to compete and win coveted prizes. Mouse shows are awaited competitions among fancy mice owners. It’s an annual event that fosters new friendship and spurs new ideas for mouse breeding and for more events. Having a pet fancy mouse can’t be boring.

Fancy Mouse Show Preparation

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 14

Fancy mice owners go to great lengths to prepare their pets for mouse shows. Preparing these pets ready for competitions involves more than just shampooing, powdering, or mites control; the fancier has to prepare mentally too. They take these competitions seriously, after all. Most of all, there are certain winning points that judges look for from a fancy mouse; fanciers must know these points too in order to secure the price when competing in a mouse show.

Pointers for Raising Fancy Mouse

Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse 15

When you plan to enter your fancy mouse to a mouse show, the preparation goes further back than just weeks before the event itself. The way you care for your mouse, that is to say feed, shelter, handle, train, and play with your pet can greatly determine whether you have a good chance of winning in competitions or not. Even the choice of the cage and substrate for your pet have also a bearing toward bagging the prize.

Now that you know what are possible when you have a fancy mouse for a pet, you might finally change your mind toward these animals. You might even put your mouse control contraptions in exchange for a pet mouse cage.

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