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Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 10

For most of you, the closest you can get to an anteater is when National Geographic shows it bulldozing an ant mound. But for Angela Goodwin in Oregon, only an anteater could pass as a furry, four-legged best friend. Angela has two pet anteaters: Pua and Stewie. According to her, anteaters are adorable, intelligent creatures that make very good pets – if you know the proper care and maintenance of the animals. So before you order your first pet anteater from an owner, it’s best to read other people’s experience with the animal first to judge whether a pet anteater is stunning or strange in your dictionary.

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Pet Anteater Habits

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 11

When fully domesticated, anteaters are the most affectionate – or shall you say attention-hog – pets you could own. A pet anteater wants as much attention it can get, and if you have two, that means double the trouble. If you have a couple of hours (you could also pay someone to be your proxy) each day to keep your pet anteater company, then it could be the most exhilarating two hours you could have in a regular day. Anteaters are very playful, and the funny sounds they make through their long nose is uniquely entertaining. Give them a rubber ball, blanket, basket, or what have you, and watch your pet anteater play with it tirelessly for hours.

Naughty Pet Anteater Antics

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 12

It’s one thing to train your dog to open a fridge; it’s another to watch an anteater raid it. When you have a pet anteater, keep a watchful eye on it around your fridge as it’s very naughty and skilled to open any type of fridge. Don’t be surprised to find your fridge ransacked if you leave your pet anteater alone in the kitchen. It can eat anything appetizing it can find: honey, milk, fruits, jelly, etc.

Aside from the fridge, your pet anteater could open your closet, drawers, cupboards (it has no problem climbing), or your purse too. So if you don’t want to see your stuff scattered across the floor, be sure your drawers and cabinets are locked if your pet anteater is around.

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 13

Although some of you might see these pet anteater behaviors as discouraging, others see these as an opportunity. You could channel your pet’s naughtiness into something good during playtime and have a blast with your pet’s crazy antics.

Fun Activities with Your Pet Anteater

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 14

Although a bit slow, anteaters are very playful, tireless pets that loves to do fun activities with you. Anteaters loved to be taken for a long walk in the woods, turning and ripping fallen logs along the way – they’re never a boring hiking buddy. Anteaters love to cuddle sometimes; use this opportunity to bond with your pet minus the clawing and the growling.

Caring for a Pet Anteater

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 15

Aside from keeping your pet anteater entertained with its toys, there are other activities you need to do to keep them (and you) healthy and fit.

Anteaters have long, sharp claws. Albeit unintentionally, your pet anteater could ruin your sofa, furniture, or your flawless skin if you don’t keep it properly trimmed. Anteaters don’t mind to be bathed ever so often, but once every two weeks will do. Use baby shampoo to wash your pet’s hair, and put some hypoallergenic lotion or baby oil on its ears, paws, and tail after bathing too.

Feeding Pet Anteater

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 16

Since anteaters are exotic pets, their diet is always different from the common pets. And just because they are “anteaters” doesn’t mean they only eat ants and termites! You should be thankful because your pet anteater could eat any of the following mixed with wheat bran or flax seed:

– ground beef
– ground beef heart
– feeder insects (e.g. mealworms, crickets)

It’s also a good idea to mix some good amount of vinegar and diatomaceous earth on your pet’s diet to aid in the digestion.

Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange 17

For snack, you can give your pet anteater fruit juices, honey, sip of cider vinegar, melons, avocado, banana, yogurt, apple sauce, and blue cheese. And of course, anteaters wouldn’t be anteaters if you won’t give them some ants or termites for dessert. Let them forage for ants and termites themselves in your yard or when you go for an afternoon walk in the woods. You can even raise your own termites for your pet anteater. Hint: termites love dark, damp place with plenty of wood for chewing.

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