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Pet Australian Tarantula

Pet Australian Tarantula 9

Australian tarantulas belong to four genera: Selenocosmia, Selenotypus, Selenotholus, and Phlogiellus of the species Theraphosidae. These spiders are large and heavy. Their body length can reach 6 cm and their legs span 16cm with fangs 1 cm long. Their color varies from dark brown to pale fawn, and usually they have a silvery glow. Some of their species have long hairs found on their rear legs, a feature which separates them from other tarantulas.

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If you’re planning to have pet Australian tarantulas, it’s good to start by knowing more about these spiders: habitat, food, temperament, etc.

Australian Tarantulas’ Natural Habitat

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This pet spider is found commonly in New South Wales, South and Western Australia, and Queensland. Their natural home ranges from a desert to a rainforest. Their choice of home depends on their genus and species. In their natural habitat, a young pet Australian tarantula may be found under logs and rocks in its silky house retreat. Their burrows are usually plugged during the cold seasons as well as the hot part of summer. It is best to mimic this environment when preparing pet supplies to house your pet spider at home.

Australian Tarantulas’ Means to Communicate

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Like all living animals, pet spiders have a way of communicating. The Australian tarantulas are known to bark and whistle at each other not by their mouths but by rubbing the rows of modified spines on the base part of their palps or jaws. They usually make noise when they are disturbed or when they’re in a defensive mode.

Mating and forms of Reproduction

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More than its male counterpart, females spend most of their time inside their burrows. They receive visits from the males during spring to early summer, enticing them to come out and mate. The male taps rhythmically in order to get their attention and for the female to know the male spider is not a prey. Once the male’s palp is inserted to the genital opening of the female, the mating is in process.

The mating process is crucial though—you have to keep a watchful eye on the female to intervene once you see it about to attack the male. It’s natural instinct for a female spider to eat the male during or after mating.

Pet Australian Tarantulas’ Bite

Pet Australian Tarantula 13

The pet Australian tarantulas are not known to be aggressive; like any pet that is provoked they will rear up and attack if needed. The bite can cause excruciating pain that can only be relieved with proper, fast medical care. People’s reaction to an Australian tarantula’s bite can vary; the most common reactions are excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting, and high fever. People allergic to insect venom are not advised to have a pet Australian tarantula.

Pet Tarantula Care

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Finding the right pet supplies for your pet is not too difficult. Your pet can feed on any type of insects available in the backyard if you have one. If not, you can shop for pet supplies including insect pet food online or from a nearest pet supply store. Ensure that the terrarium supplies are well cleaned and clean water and food is available to make your pet spider happy and healthy.

Australian Tarantula Conservation

Pet Australian Tarantula 15

Capturing Australian tarantulas to keep as pets have been questioned a number of times but conservationist. They say capturing tarantulas may prevent breeding and discovery or several other species of Australian tarantulas that are not officially recorded yet. So most Australian tarantulas sold on pet stores are captive bred to help with the conservation efforts. And if you’re planning to have one as pet, buy online for licensed breeders with permission to breed and sell Australian tarantulas.

So for the right person, an Australian tarantula makes an awesome pet. They’re not difficult to maintain and pet supplies for Australian tarantulas are not too expensive. When you care for one, you’re not only having an exotic pet to boast, you’re also helping conserve the species.

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