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Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 8

Although frogs belong to the wild, you can recreate a portion of nature in your room that closely mimics natural frog habitat using pet frog supplies. Mimicking nature in your pet frog terrarium does not only improve your terrarium’s view, it’s also crucial for your pet’s survival. And with some ingenuity and patience, you can create a microcosm of the Amazonian jungle for less. What’s the purpose of bargain pet frog supplies?

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Buying a Pet Frog Tank

Before buying your tank from the nearest pet frog supplies store, be sure to know what type of frog you want as pet. Know that there are basically four types of frogs: arboreal, aquatic, half aquatic and half terrestrial, and terrestrial frogs. These different frog types also have different pet frog tank setup requirements.

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 9

Arboreal – In the wild, arboreal frogs live high up in tree branches and leaves. So to house these frogs indoor, you need a tall frog tank that can fit long tree branches or even tall green plants.

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 10

Aquatic – As the name suggests, aquatic frogs live in water. So a regular 20 gallon fish tank filled with clear water is enough to house one aquatic frog. It’s also good to put some floating platform for the frogs to perch on occasionally.

Half aquatic, half terrestrial – These types of frogs love both land and water. A fish tank filled with clear water should work for them also, but you need to provide a large enough platform for the frogs to bask on. A large floating tree branch or a sandbar should be perfect.

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 11

Terrestrial – All terrestrial frogs (otherwise called toads), only spend their lives in the water as tadpoles. As adults, they like to live in damp, but not wet, soil. So a fish tank filled with humus or peat moss constantly dampen by misting water should be perfect.

Decorating a Pet Frog Tank

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 12

Again, your pet frog species shall determine the kinds of decoration you want to get. But the common denominator for all pet frog tank decors is the light. The light is not used for heating unlike other small pets in a tank – frogs thrive well in room temperature between 26 to 28 degrees Celsius at day and 20 to 22 degrees Celsius at night. The purpose of the light is to regulate the daylight hours for your pet frog and to serve as photo source for the plants inside. The light does add pizzazz to a pet frog tank, too.

Pet Frog Tank Substrate

You guessed it. The substrate you want to use in your pet frog tank also depends on your pet’s type. For terrestrial frogs, as soft and damp as peat moss and as hard as tiny pebbles work for them. However, the substrate should be regularly moisten using a spray bottle… don’t let the substrate dry. For arboreal frogs, a deep shredded coconut husk fiber with pebbles or sand at the bottom is perfect to hold tall tank decors upright. All these tank substrates are available in pet frog supplies stores online, so there should be no problem getting them.

Pet Frog Food Supplies

But if there are pet frog supplies you can’t go without, it should be frog food supplies. Yes, you can feed frogs dead insects or insect larvae, but they do well with live foods. So it means having a continuous supply of live crickets, meal worms, earthworms, or even termites around. You can get these live foods from the nearest pet frog supplies store, but you’ll save money if you grow them yourself*.

Pet Frog Supplement

Pet Frog Supplies for Newbie Frog Owners 13

To keep your frog in tip-top shape, you should include vitamins and minerals supplement on your pet frog supplies list also. Vitamin D and calcium supplement should be dusted at least twice a week on the feeder insects before giving them to your frog.

* You should find a guide on raising live pet frog food on the site also.

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