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Popular Farm Animals as Pets

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 12

Although you can’t bring home a cow as pet, there other farm animals that make very good pets. Some farm animals are even smarter and playful than regular pets, so they can be adorable to have around the house or the backyard. However, because they are well-adopted to farm life and they tend to be larger than regular pets, they demand special care and maintenance, which makes them not a pet for everybody.

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If you’re contemplating on bringing home a farm animal as pet, consider these top 5 farm animals as pets; get to know them better to decide which one matches your personality and your backyard.

1. Pot Bellied Pig

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 13

Paris Hilton, Hayden Christensen, and George Clooney are just some of the A-list Hollywood stars who have a pot bellied pig for a pet. Contrary to popular belief, a pot bellied pig is clean: it doesn’t smell and doesn’t litter around the house. It’ll only do its business in one designated corner in the yard or on its litter box – nowhere else. Pot bellied pigs are curious, playful, affectionate, and highly intelligent pets; you can train them. They’re not difficult to feed as there are pig feeds you can get from pet or farm supply stores. They’re ready to take any left-over also.

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 14

However, because they’re considered exotic pets, they tend to be more expensive to maintain in terms of grooming and vet care. They can also be aggressive if not given the right attention; they need regular companion. Pot bellied pigs can live from 12 to 15 years, some live up to 20 years.

2. Rabbit

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 15

Because of its relatively small size, cute face, and “furry” fur, a rabbit is a popular pet among children. But still they are considered as farm animals. Rabbits are clean and easy to feed with their favorite carrot, veggies, and rabbit pellets from pet stores. You can train a rabbit to get along with other animals in the house, too, and they are playful.

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 16

However, caring for a rabbit means brushing its fur regularly to take out fur balls, cleaning the pen for litter (they make a lot), and protecting your house against rabbit’s chewing habit. Rabbits multiply very rapidly also, so unless you’re prepared to care for a dozen rabbits in few months, spay or neuter your rabbit. The bunny can live anywhere from 9 to 12 years.

3. Chicken

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 17

Pet chickens are also fun to have in the backyard because some exotic chicken breeds sport stylish and colorful feather patterns that can rival pea cocks. Unlike other farm animals that can be let in the house, it’s not a good idea to try it with chickens, though. They tend to be messy dropping their business anywhere and anytime they want. Even if they’re caged, it’s still not a good idea to keep a chicken inside because its poop tends to smell bad. Pet chickens are not picky with food, but they easily get tired of one food item – they want variety. Be prepared to care for them anywhere from 7 to 8 years.

4. Miniature Horse

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 18

If you have the backyard or the barn to house a miniature horse, they’re the best farm animals to get as pet. Miniature horses are head-turners; be prepared to gather some crowd for Kodak moments if you take your miniature horse for a walk in the park or down the street on the weekend. They’re very cute, cuddly (if well-behave), and sporty pets to own.

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 19

However, you need a larger backyard with a mini animal house or a barn to keep a miniature horse as pet. Their food and vet care tend to be expensive compared to other pets, so be prepared for the cost too.

5. Pygmy Goat

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 20

For a really cute, adorable, and very playful (bordering naughty) pet farm animals, the pygmy goats are the best option. If you have enough space in your backyard to build a small animal house and some room left for an afternoon of kicking, running, and climbing, getting at least two pygmy goats is a blast. They are very playful with each other and with you; you can even play nudging or boxing tournament with them! There are goat pellets you can buy from pet stores for your pygmy, but be sure to give them green veggies for variety.

Popular Farm Animals as Pets 12

If you’ve decided which farm animals are the right pet for you, be sure to check one last important thing. Not all counties or village permit the keeping of farm animals, so ask your county officials or village administrator first before coming home with a pygmy goat or pot bellied pig.

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