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Popular Pet Parrot Species

Popular Pet Parrot Species 8

This might surprise some: choosing a particular parrot species to take home as pet is challenging. You think you know what pet bird to get only to be surprised with a wide array of pet parrot species when you get to the pet store. The choices can be confusing, and if you’re buying a pet parrot for the first time, it means double the trouble for you. Knowing just the types of parrot is too broad; what can help you avoid the confusion is to know exactly the parrot species you want to get.

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1. Budgerigar

Popular Pet Parrot Species 9

The budgerigar or the budgies for most people is the number one favorite pet parrot in the world. It’s the number one favorite pet bird in general. Budgies are attractive in so many ways than their vivid colors. For one, budgies are the least demanding compared to the other parrot species; they basically eat anything you give them provided it’s raw. If you choose, you can do away parrot insurance because budgies are pretty sturdy pet birds that can go on for days without water. And contrary to popular belief, as small as they are, budgies are able to speak too.

2. Lovebirds

Popular Pet Parrot Species 10

In all honesty, lovebirds may have become the second most popular pet parrot because of the hype about the species. But lovebirds may not be the best choice if you are a first time parrot owner. You might be surprise to find out that there are larger parrots that are generally easier to handle than lovebirds.

Lovebirds tend to be aggressive especially when in pair, and you can’t cage them together with another bird species or even another unfamiliar lovebird because they’re pretty territorial. Nonetheless, they are the only small parrot species that resembles larger parrots in terms of color pattern, beak shape, and other abilities.

3. Cockatiels

Popular Pet Parrot Species 11

Cockatiels are the crested, small parrot species from Australia. Like their cousins, the budgerigar, they are popular pet parrots for the right reasons too. Because of their popularity, you can get cockatiels pet parrot insurance much like other larger parrot species.

The Lutino cockatiel is the most popular color mutation among cockatiels. Lutinos have white to light yellow plumage with a cute orange circular pattern on the cheeks. And of course their crest makes cockatiels standout among other small parrot species. They are fairly easy to feed; a balance diet of seeds, fruits, and organic vegetables is fairly cheap and readily available to buy. On the downside, cockatiels have difficulty vocalizing like humans compared to other popular parrot species.

4. Hyacinth Macaw

Popular Pet Parrot Species 12

The cobalt blue and the yellow coloring at the base of a hyacinth macaw’s beak are perhaps what make this species the most favorite among big parrots. Under different light intensity, the plumage of a hyacinth can show hues of purple to violet. Although large, hyacinth macaws are one of the most affectionate parrot species. But being just birds, they don’t know how much power their grip and their friendly pinch pack, so handing them over to children to play with is not advisable.

If you couldn’t get a properly socialized macaw, though, it’s best to get one as a baby. Making the bird understand their strength through proper training must start at a young age.

5. African Grey

Popular Pet Parrot Species 13

If you want a talker, hands down the African grey parrot is the best parrot species for you. Because of their scary ability to speak, African greys tend to be expensive. That’s why you need parrot insurance for your African grey to mitigate loss or other possible cost outlay in owning the pet parrot.

The intelligence of African greys, however, can play toward their disadvantage. This parrot species need constant stimulation to avoid boredom, which could lead to plucking. They need human interaction; they’re not the type of parrot you can leave alone in the cage for days at a time.

These are the five most popular parrot species you can choose from. As you can see, not all of them are popular because of their amazing attributes, so choose wisely when you decide and stick to your plan when you actually shop for your pet bird.

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