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Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 12

Although peafowls are generally considered farm animals, they make good pets for the right people who’s got enough capacity to cordon the proud, colorful, large birds. Don’t think that the large, fanning, colorful peacock train will discourage it from flying. Peafowls (i.e. peacocks and peahens) are excellent flyer. So before deciding to get a pet peafowl, know what’s involved in raising the bird – don’t be like other haphazard pet peafowl owners who place their birds on Craigslist for adoption after stepping on a wrong foot with the bird.

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Why a Pet Peafowl

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 13
Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 14

In every sense of the word, a pet peafowl, particularly a peacock, is the most grandiose pet bird you could own. Peacocks stand tall and proud with their colorful, long tail feathers reminiscent of royal lawns in England. Peafowls are pets of the royals, after all. Peafowls are very easy to care for, and contrary to popular belief, peafowls can withstand snow if they have proper pen or house at night. If you a large enough yard in the city that your neighbors can’t hear your peacocks yelp, you could have a pet peafowl.

Popular Pet Peafowl Breeds

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 15

Like other pet birds, you could choose from several peafowl breeds depending on how you want your peacock to look like. The most popular among the peafowl breeds, however, is the Indian Blue. It’s the breed you often see on children’s books, grazing on castle lawns, and adorning mansions in Beverly Hills. But don’t think that they’re the most popular, they are expensive. In fact, they’re the cheapest pet peafowl you can buy these days.

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 16

The Indian Blue Pied is also popular. The breed is a genetic mutation of the Indian Blue; thus, the bird looks like its Indian Blue cousin only with blotched white color in its plume. The most beautiful Indian Blue Pied peacocks will have white blotches or sections on their train.

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 17

If you want a regal looking peacock, the Emerald Spalding is the breed for you. The breed belongs to the green pet peafowl subspecies that displays bright green coloration on its wings and train and bright blue plume on its neck. They’re really the peacock breed to watch out for… not just because they look awesome, but they can fly high, too!

Feeding Pet Peafowl

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 18

Proper diet is essential for peafowls to reach their full potential – that means develop a long, grandiose peacock train. It’s fairly easy to feed your pet peafowl, though. During winter, you can grab an available game bird or chicken feed from a feed store and provide kitchen refuse such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, or green beans for fiber. During summer, your peacock would gladly graze on your lawn for greens… so watch out for your flowers. You can also give your pet peacock sunflower seeds, wheat, barley, or cracked corn for variety. And to inject some protein to your pet peafowl, give it mealworms, crickets, or some dry cat food.

Housing Pet Peafowl

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 19

The biggest consideration on whether a pet peafowl is right for you is your capacity (budget wise) to provide proper peafowl pen or house. Peafowls are excellent flyers; a 12 feet fence is no match for their sturdy wings. Unless you’re okay about clipping your peafowl’s wings (which works against their number one asset: their beautiful plume), be prepared to build a small barn or roofed pen for your peafowls. If you have a fairly wide lawn though, you can free range your peacocks as they don’t wander very far and will always return to their roost or pen for the night.

Pet Peafowl Feather

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 20

By now you must have known that only peacocks display the ostentatious peacock train. The peahens are fairly colored without long train to boast. The peacock’s plume and train color-pattern depends on its breed too. Some peacocks are more brightly colored than others, and some have bigger trains than others. The pure white peacock you might have seen somewhere is not a recognized breed; rather, it’s an albino peacock.

Superstition about Peacocks

Proud and Colorful Pet Peafowl 21

Now, if you’re the superstitious type, you must know that peacocks carry a dark reputation in some cultures and auspicious in others. In some European culture, the eye-like color patterns in peacocks’ train are considered bad luck: the evil eye reborn. The Hindus and Buddhists on the other hand believe that having peacocks around brings good luck to the family. And the Chinese Feng Shui says that peacock feathers promote love, peace, and prosperity in a home.

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