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Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 9

Did you know that rabbit obesity is among the number one killers of pet rabbits? According to rabbit vets, rabbit obesity does not only lower your rabbit’s life quality, it also shortens it abruptly. Rabbit vets also warn bunny owners about their pets’ personality. Rabbits are very good in hiding cardio vascular and other diseases symptoms until it’s too late for them. Therefore, all rabbit owners are advised to educate themselves about the problem of rabbit obesity.

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What Causes Rabbit Obesity

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 10

The top cause of rabbit obesity according to rabbit vets is spoiling pet rabbits too much with rabbit treats. It’s difficult to keep track of how much cookies, crackers, junk foods, or even carrots have you given your bunny especially if you’re too engaged playing with it. Sometimes, rabbit owners even deliberately bribe their rabbits with food to play with them. Giving the wrong food, too, is causing rabbits to gain weight. That is to say giving pet rabbits too many sweets (e.g. fruits, carrots, sweet potatoes). Rabbits can eat sweets, but only once or twice a week in small portions.

The Dangers of Rabbit Obesity

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 11

Rabbit vets warn that rabbit obesity can kill the helpless creature! Obese rabbits will eventually develop cardio vascular problems, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, and feet problems that slowly nip away your rabbits’ life. Obese rabbits live a painful, miserable lives that they don’t want to move; which could only aggravate the problem. And to top it all, rabbits don’t show signs of illness. Symptoms appear only when the condition is severe enough leaving a very small window for treatment. Clearly you should prevent your rabbit from becoming obese.

How to Prevent Rabbit Obesity

Vigilance is the number one shield against rabbit obesity. Be mindful always as to what you’re giving your pet rabbit according to rabbit vets. Specifically, you can do the following:

Regulate the Diet

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 12

Rabbits can’t control their feeding habit; they’ll eat anything and everything you’ll give them. So it’s your responsibility to regulate your rabbit’s diet. Rabbit vets advise rabbit owners to give only 1/4 to 1/2 cup of rabbit pellets per day. Anything more is gluttony. For healthy treats between meals, you can give your pet rabbit a cup of greens like kale, parsley, lettuce, and spinach. This portion is enough to keep your rabbit healthy and active. To compensate your rabbit’s penchant to chew, make Timothy hay always available to your rabbit.

Encourage Exercise

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 13

Like humans, you should encourage your rabbit to move too. Make an effort to let your bunny out of the cage at least an hour each day to explore your bunny-proof house. In this regard, a wide bunny cage and bunny toys should encourage your bunny to move.

Regular Rabbit Vets Checkup

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 14
Vet doctor checking up rabbit in his clinic

To catch early signs of obesity and other health problems, it’s important to bring your pet to rabbit vets for regular checkup. Sometimes pet owners neglect their rabbit’s weight gain as obesity, but in fact, their rabbit is growing tumor, developing edema, or suffering from hormonal imbalance, according to rabbit vets. A regular checkup should safeguard your pet rabbit against these possibilities.

Rabbit Vets Advised Rabbit Treats

Rabbit Vets Warn About Rabbit Obesity 15

In general, rabbit treats high in carbohydrates such as cookies and junk foods are bad for your rabbit. So do yourself and your rabbit a huge favor and stop buying rabbit treats online. The only healthy rabbit treats according to rabbit vets are greens! And not a lot of them! You’ll know that you’ve given too much if your rabbit can’t consume the portion within a couple of hours nibbling. Hay on the other hand is okay to be given round the clock to your pet rabbit.

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