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Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 9

Since the Chinese domesticated the wild swan geese over a couple of centuries ago, many cultures including the west have caught up having Chinese swan geese as pets. For the right people living in the right place, having Chinese swan geese as pets can be a privilege. Yes, having a passion toward large farm animals like geese isn’t enough requirement to raise Chinese swan geese as pets. Read up why.

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Housing Chinese Swan Geese

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 10

The number one reason not everybody is privileged to raise Chinese swan geese is the farm animals’ particular need for a fairly large water body to swim in. Geese are waterfowls after all. So you need to live near a lake or own a fairly large artificial pond to raise Chinese swan geese. An inflatable kiddy pool will not do. You don’t want to lend your swimming pool to the geese either! If you pass this requirement, then you can raise Chinese swan geese as pets.

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 11

Housing a couple of Chinese swan geese is fairly easy. They can be housed in a small barn or chicken coop enough to protect them from the elements and wild animals. During winter, keep the birds’ house warm by adding heat lamps. The house should open up to your lawn where your geese can graze and access the pond or lake whenever they want to. Don’t worry, Chinese swan geese are pretty domesticated, so they know how to return to their house when it’s needed.

Feeding Chinese Swan Geese

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 12

If grasses are abundant, Chinese swan geese are happy to consume as much as their crop could contain in a day. In fact, geese make better living lawnmower than goats! During winter though, supplement their diet with green leafy vegetable you can get from local markets.

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 13

As staples, geese should be given cereal grains like cracked corn, sorghum, barley, etc. Don’t give Chinese swan geese rice because rice causes stomach upset for any types of birds. Geese should be given organic poultry pellet or mash you can buy from farm supply stores also. You must remember, however, to put clean water next to their feeder when feeding geese with poultry pellet or mash.

Chinese Swan Geese Special Needs

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 14

Unlike other pet farm animals that are okay as long as they have food, shelter, and water, Chinese swan geese have special needs in order to be happy or at least stay clean.

1. A mate – Chinese swan geese choose one mate for life, but they can’t live without one. So if you must have geese as pets, get a male and a female to keep the two happy. Just consume the eggs if you don’t want to breed your pet geese.

2. Water – Chinese swan geese or any other pet geese species can’t live without a deep, wide body of water to swim in. Take this as number one consideration when considering geese as pets.

3. Duck diaper – If you haven’t heard about duck diaper before, gather your wits about it if you want to take your geese inside your house or take them for a ride in your car. If you train your geese to wear duck diaper, you can have them live with you in your house even. It’s not so difficult to learn how to make a duck diaper and the benefits are enormous if you love your Chinese swan geese so much.

4. Exercise – A male Chinese swan geese can weigh up to 5 pounds and the female can weigh a little less than that. To strengthen their legs to support their heavy body, they need their exercise. That’s why you can’t keep pet geese in a small enclosure because they need a wide space to stretch their wings and kick their heels to stay fit.

Permit to Raise Chinese Swan Geese

Raising Chinese Swan Geese as Pets 15

Raising farm animals as pets are regulated by the local Department of Agriculture. Some districts even band having farm animals in the area altogether, so stop by your local animal control office or Department of Agriculture to check what regulations apply in your area regarding Chinese swan geese.

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