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Raising Pet Hamsters

Raising Pet Hamsters 9

A pet hamster is one of the most popular pets around. They usually bond well with their owners and are easy to take care of. Above all, they are adorable! Before going home with a couple of hamsters though, there are things you need to familiarize yourself like the right pet supplies, housing, pet food, toys etc. necessary for hamsters.

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Finding the Right Pet Hamsters

Raising Pet Hamsters 10

Taking home a sickly pet hamster should be avoided. Although recognizing a healthy hamster from sickly one can be confusing, there are signs you can check. A good way to start is to check on the hamster’s temperament; a good hamster should be fine when handled. The animal must not be pale in nose and eyes. Other things you can look into are the other hamsters in the cage. If one of them is ill, try looking for another pet store with healthy hamster.

Housing a Pet Hamster

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Purchasing the right pet supplies before your hamster comes is a good way of making your pet hamster adapt faster. There are a number of cages sold in the market. Make sure you look beyond the cage’s aesthetic appearance to find one that’s also safe for hamsters. Functionality is another thing you should look for in a cage when you are purchasing pet rat supplies. One that is easy to clean and can fit a number of pet accessories is a good choice.

Feeding a Pet Hamster

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If you’re a newbie visitor to a pet supplies section, surely the different types of food available for your pet hamster have overwhelmed you. Always remember though that your hamster can eat anything you give it, but it needs balance diet to grow healthy and fit. A good brand of pet rat pellets mix with healthy human food like fruits, grains, and vegetables is the best. This well rounded diet will make your pet hamster healthier when paired with clean water always available.

Handling Pet Hamsters

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Once you acquired your pet, make sure you spend time with them at least an hour a day to familiarize them with your smell and the sound of your voice. This builds up their trust. It’s enough that they can see, hear, and smell you; you don’t have to carry them in the entire hour if you don’t want to risk a bite. And if your hamsters do bite, don’t automatically assume that they’re wild. They’re just being hamsters. Through time, they’ll warm up with you.

Pet Hamster Toys

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There might be a number of toys in the pet shop that might interest you, but out of these numbers there are certain toys that are more perfect for your pet. Pet toys that allow hamsters to exercise, like a hamster wheel, are something you should add to your cart. Other good pet toys to include in your shopping are chew toys, ropes, and treat toys.

Breeding Hamsters

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Breeding is not advisable for casual owners. However, there are instances when a male and a female hamster are not separated that can result to unexpected hamster litter. Make sure to have the right pet rat supplies to aid your pet in the process.

You need to add nesting materials like toilet and regular papers once you confirm that your female hamster is pregnant because you would not know when it’s going to give birth. Put a hiding place for your female to build a nest too. If your female hamster is young, it may end up abandoning or even cannibalizing the babies, so be prepared to step in.

There are a number of things to know when owning a hamster. Being knowledgeable about them can help you take precaution and prepare for situations that may arise with your pet.

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