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Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 9

If you have the backyard, money, and time to raise pygmy goats, then the farm animal should be a good pet for you. Pygmy goats are fun and safe for kids to play with – there are fun activities you can do with pygmy goats that you can’t do with a dog for example. So if you think you have the space, budget, and commitment, learn what you need to raise pygmy goats to experience the fun around a farm animal.

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Housing Pygmy Goats

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 10

Pygmy goats aren’t like dogs that you can house in a large dog house. They like to live in their own barn that’s well ventilated and has raised benches to sleep on. They don’t like to sleep on the ground! A typical barn for two pygmy goats and their goat toys should be about 30 to 40 square feet. It’s also good to fence an area around your pygmy goat barn to give your pet secure space to exercise and play with their goat toys in.

Feeding Pygmy Goats

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 11

Feeding pygmy goats is easy. There are goat mixes you can buy from pet stores or farm supply stores, which you can give to your goat twice a day as their main meal. Two to three ounces of these goat mixes is enough for an adult pygmy. For treats, give as much leafy greens like cabbage, dandelions, lettuce, or spinach to your goat. And make fresh water and hay always available in your goat’s barn, too. In fact, a couple of hay bales make good goat toys. Watch your pygmies climb and hop over hay bales if it’s too wet or cold for them to play outside.

Pygmy Goat Toys

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 12

Of course, your pygmy goats can’t do without their goat toys. Goats are very playful animals; they have no problem finding ways how they can enjoy whatever goat toys you give them. Among their favorite toys include picnic tables, benches, rocks, and even old tires. Place one or two of these goat toys and watch your pygmies tirelessly play with them all afternoon. Pygmies like to imagine goat toys as hills they can play “who can climb the fastest” with.

Keeping Pygmy Goats in Shape

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 13

Aside from pygmy goat toys to keep your pygmies in good shape, your pet goats need the following:

Hoof trimming – Your pygmies need their hooves trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. A garden pruning shear should do well for the purpose.

Disbudding – Most goat species, including pygmy, are born with horns that needs to be disbudded by a farm vet for you and your animals sake.

Deworming – If you keep everything clean with your pygmy goats, they may need at least twice a year deworming.

Vaccination – Although you can vaccinate your pygmy goats yourself, but it’s best to ask a vet to do it. Your goat should be vaccinated against enterotoxaemia, pulpy kidney, and tetanus.

Mineral block – In the wild, pygmy goats get their minerals by licking salts and minerals on the ground. In your farm animal barn, hang a mineral block which your pygmies can lick while they’re resting.

Few Notes about Pygmy Goats

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 14

Before buying pygmy goat toys, you have to know some important notes about your pet farm animal first. You should know that pygmy goats are social animals; you should at least get two of them for company. And if you’re not planning on reproducing your pygmies, have a male pet pygmy neutered before taking it home. Also, buy pygmy goats only from trusted breeders. Ask for pure breed pygmies because pygmy goats crossed with other goat race could grow large needing more space and attention than pure bred, small pygmies.

Legal Requirement

Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets 15

And of course, since you’re not bringing home a dog or a cat, please remember to phone your local Department of Agriculture’s office to ask for necessary permits to own a pet farm animal. In fact, before shopping for goat toys and checking pygmy goats from Wyoming, check with your local town or village if you’re allowed to keep farm animals as pets.

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