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Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 9

Since Reef One invented the first BiOrb fish bowl in 1998, millions of original and rip-off versions of the designer fish bowl have been sold. No less than Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, among others, have become converts to BiOrb fish bowl mania. But what’s the real score about these over-priced, over-hyped designer fish bowls? Do they really deliver what their makers promised in the press releases?

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What Is a BiOrb Fish Bowl

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 10

Before anything else, it’s best to lay a quick definition of a BiOrb fish bowl because the throng of claiming-to-be BiOrb manufacturers confused people of what really is a BiOrb fish bowl about. A BiOrb fish bowl is simply a partially self-cleaning, sleek, and hi-tech fish bowl… 10 steps up of an ordinary fish bowl. It’s not one of those science-lab-engineered self-regulating, independent, enclosed habitat that supports life after it is shut closed never to be opened again.

BiOrb Fish Tank Sizes

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 11

So is a BiOrb fish tank really efficient in partially cleaning itself? Yes and no. The size of the bowl relative to the type and amount of fish stock and the type and amount of décor you hold the tipping point between success and failure of a BiOrb fish bowl. You can get anywhere from 4 to 60 gallons BiOrb fish tank. You can obviously stock more fishes in a large BiOrb than in a baby BiOrb fish tank.

BiOrb Fish Bowl Maintenance

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 12

What about maintenance? Is it true that a BiOrb fish bowl allows you more time to enjoy the aquarium than cleaning it – unless you enjoy “cleaning” an aquarium? Again the answer is yes and no. Most rip-off BiOrb fish bowl don’t have top of the line filtration system, so expect the water to cloud even within a week after setup! But if you invest on the best quality BiOrb such as those made by its original designer, Reef One, then yes. A BiOrb is really a partially self-cleaning fish tank. However, to keep your BiOrb in tip-top shape, you still need to change the filter every 4 to 6 weeks (8 weeks if you have less fish stock) and change 30% of the water at least once a week. But changing the water is as quick as siphoning it out and replacing it with new water.

BiOrb Fish Bowl Test Kit

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 13

Is it true that you can do away with aquarium test kits if you have a BiOrb fish bowl? The answer is a resounding NO. Test kit complete with ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate, and phosphate testers is still a must have for BiOrb fish bowl. Remember that the system is only partially self-cleaning, so you still need to check the water’s composition to keep the habitat pristine.

BiOrb Fish Bowl Fish Stock

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 14

Can a BiOrb really care for all fish types? Right here and now, it must be said that not all fish types are suitable in a BiOrb fish bowl. Bottom feeder fish and fish that can grow more than 1.5 inches in length will be miserable in a BiOrb regardless of the tank size. So the best fishes for a BiOrb fish bowl are those that feed on the surface and those that won’t grow pass the 1.5 inches length limit.

Here are some fish species to start:

– Guppies
– Surface-feeding gold fishes
– Clown fish

BiOrb Fish Bowl Feng Shui

Separating Truth from Hype about BiOrb Fish Bowl 15

Is a BiOrb fish bowl auspicious in Chinese? It’s a definite yes. For people who want to promote balanced nature energy and summon good luck (according to Eastern culture), a BiOrb fish bowl is a perfect addition. The flowing water and the auspicious fishes in a BiOrb promote Chinese Feng Shui’s “chi” according to celebrity Feng Shui expert, Paul Darby. So if you want to promote love, peace, and prosperity in your home or office, you know what to shop for the next time you go online.

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