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Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 9

Entering a pedigree dog show is already a game of chance (and luck) as it is… but show dog products can increase your pedigree’s chance to bring home the bacon. From grooming supplies to healthcare to travel essentials for your pedigree, show dog products play crucial role in winning. You want your dog to travel in a secure and comfortable crate to inspire it to perform well in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, for example. For the uninitiated, here are some essential show dog products needed to take a good shot at that trophy.

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Grooming Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 10

All pro dog breeders know that a single tangle on their pedigree’s coat is tantamount to kicking that trophy to the curb. So finding the best grooming show dog products is the number one skill they want to master. To groom your contender, you need the following items:

Dog shampoo – A pedigree needs a gentle shampoo that doesn’t strip its coat with essential oils making it dull and lifeless. The shampoo has to contain no soap.

Dog conditioner – The dog conditioner has to leave the dog’s coat looking and feeling its best.

Coat Dressing – The dog’s styling mousse should hold the coat while keeping it manageable and soft.

Brush and combs
 – There are different brush and combs for short-haired and long-haired pedigrees; get those that are most appropriate to your dog.

Coat dryer – The best coat dryer to get are those that are lightweight and have the most heat adjustment numbers and adjustable nozzle.

Nail Trimmer – Most dogs and their humans don’t like the nail trimming part. So get a dog nail trimmer that cuts quickly and quietly.

Healthcare Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 11

To keep your dog healthy and ready for the Westminster Kennel Club, keep it safe from ticks and fleas that make your dog itch and mattes the coat. Frequent dog bath should take care of the problem, and spray pest repellent show dog products on your pedigree before taking it out for an afternoon run.

The ear should be kept clean always, too. Use a vet-prescribed ear disinfectant for this purpose. Use a cotton ball and NOT cotton buds to clean and apply the disinfectant to your dog’s ears.

Keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy all the time by using oral care show dog products that prevent build up of tartar and fights gum disease. And take your dog to its vet for a professional teeth cleaning at least once a year.

Leash and Leads Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 12

Of course, you need a separate leash and leads only for special occasions such as dog shows. The best leather with brass coated snap leads is the best choice to show off. But remember to match the color of your leash to your dog’s coat to escape the scrutiny of the judges.

Trolleys Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 13

If you’re attending a large dog show convention such the Westminster Kennel Club, have a lightweight, heavy-duty trolley for you and your dog’s convenience. You want to reserve you and your dog’s energy only for the show; so walking your dog long distance minutes before the show isn’t a good idea. Be sure that the trolley top doubles as a grooming table, too. This should come in handy because you can’t take your dog grooming table with you at the convention.

Accessories Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 14

Fully accessorizing your pedigree may not be appropriate for all dog shows. But you can at least have a neat ribbon for long-haired pedigree. Some show dog products like cologne shouldn’t hurt your pedigree’s shot at the trophy too much like it won’t win it some points either.

Other Essential Show Dog Products

Show Dog Products to Bring Home the Trophy 15

If you’re travelling long distance just to attend a dog show, you need other show dog products like the following:

Pooper scooper 
– You shouldn’t go anywhere with your dog without one.

Toys – Keep your dog entertained in your hotel while you release some built up nerves by playing with your dog.

Bed – Always take a familiar bed for your pedigree because you don’t want it to lose important sleep for the big day. Some dogs are not too fun of sleeping in unfamiliar hotel beds or dog sleepers.

These are the essential show dog products you should master if you want to have a good shot at that trophy. Some of these show dog products could be expensive, but once you got that trophy, all else are worth it.

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