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Simplified Macaw Care Sheet

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 10

The lovely, colorful macaws are considered the nobles in the pet bird kingdom. They’re among the most intelligent pet birds next to their cousins the African greys. Because of their size and intelligence, taking care of macaws is generally more complex than taking care of smaller parrots. Despite its complexity, however, caring for macaws is nothing short of rewarding for some people.

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Why a Pet Macaw

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 11

If macaws can be a challenge to take care of, why do you have to go through the troubles? You will because macaws are the most attractive, interactive, intelligent, funny pet bird you can own. With luck, you can get an already talking macaw or you can train your pet bird to speak. Macaws are never boring to watch playing with pet bird toys.

Feeding Macaws

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 12

Not just in their pet bird toys, macaws need variety in their diet. But more than tasty, colorful, and varying menu, macaws need a proper balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins and minerals in their diet. Here’s a full list of bird foods you can give your pet macaw.

1. Seeds – Although seeds are colorful and most macaws rejoice when they see a bowl of seeds, assorted pet bird seeds should not be your pet macaw’s main diet. Macaws are smart enough to “beak” through the seeds to select their favorite: usually peanuts and sunflower seeds only. These high-in-fat seeds lack calcium and vitamins and minerals needed for balance diet. So bird seeds should be given as treats but not as main diet for macaws.

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 13

2. Pelleted diet – Trusted brands of bird pellets such as Harrison’s Premium Organic Bird Pellets can represent 75-80% of your macaw’s daily diet. These pellets are specially formulated to meet your macaw’s nutritional needs from carbohydrates to proteins to vitamins and minerals to micronutrients. To provide variety, supplement bird pellets with fruits, veggies, and seeds.

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 14

3. Fruits – The remaining 20-25% of your macaw’s daily diet should be fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Macaws particularly love tropical fruits like banana and papaya (don’t feed avocado) and common fruits like apple, berries, and grapes cut into manageable pieces. Some macaws love to eat raw corn in a cub too!

Remember to remove any leftovers at once and keep water always available to your macaw to complete your macaw’s menu.

Housing Macaws

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 15

Hyacinth macaw, the largest of all macaws, has a wing span of about 3 to 3 1/2 feet. A macaw cage should be wide enough to allow the bird to stretch its full wingspan without touching the sides. Macaws need to its exercise to avoid muscular dystrophy. So if you can’t afford a large enough bird cages that allow your macaw to hop from perch to perch and glide up and down, you must let it out the bird cage at least few minutes a day to play in close, pet-proof room. A playpen with pet bird toys is recommended too.

Grooming Macaws

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 16

To discourage jail break, some bird owners clip their pet bird’s flight feathers. Clipping destroys the beauty of a colorful macaw. So instead of clipping, secure your house when letting your pet play outside its bird cage. Macaws love to shower too. You can shower macaws using fine mister hose as often as every other day or as few as once a week. Make sure you use lukewarm water. And, aside from providing micro minerals, bird mineral blocks are good in filing your macaw’s beak. Without trimming, a macaw’s nails continuously grow too, so keep it checked using a clipper.

Keeping Macaws Happy

Simplified Macaw Care Sheet 17

Remember that macaws are intelligent and that it needs constant stimulation to keep its sanity. Don’t let your macaw fall into boredom and start chewing its feathers for fun. Keep your macaw entertained with various pet bird toys and actually spending time playing with your macaw. You can’t have an intelligent bird such as a macaw only to be left in its bird cage all day without interaction.

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