Sloths, The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own

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If you’re wondering what’s the cutest, most adorable exotic pet you can own, hands down the answer is… a sloth. Looking at this slow-moving, tree-dwelling Amazonian mammal, you’d swear it is smiling back at you. And how many friends do you have that own a sloth for a pet? Probably you’ll be the first in your group. So after buying that exotic pet insurance, prepare for the deluge of visitors who want to see your exotic pet.

Does a Sloth Make a Good Pet

does sloth make good pet

Though sloths are slow, they more than make up their speed with their personality. Sloths are very affectionate pets. Cradling one is almost like cradling an infant. In fact, sloths particularly love to play peek-a-boo, like babies! They love to hide under blankets, seemingly saying “Come find me if you can.” And because sloths are slow, you wouldn’t have problem about them escaping and ransacking your closet like other exotic pets do. Sloths are great around young children also; they may have somewhat sharp claws, they don’t use it to claw on people. And sloths love to be bathed and blow dried; the animals are very clean despite being so hairy.

Pet Sloth Diet

feeding pet sloth

Although you paid for an exotic pet insurance, it’s heartbreaking to see your sloth get sick. So keep yours healthy by feeding it proper sloth diet. In the wild, sloths eat mainly tree leaves and occasionally munch on fruits. If you live far from the Amazon, however, it’s impossible to get hold of the tree leaves that these guys munch on. Luckily, sloths eat prepared Marion Zoological Leafeater’s Diet Biscuits, which you can buy exclusively from The Marion Zoological Leafeater’s Diet Biscuits are mainly sold to zoo keepers only, but you can get your supply by contacting the center. So it’s best to secure your sloth’s special food first before you bring home your new pet. For treats, you can give sloths lettuces, some tropical fruits, and a couple of insects.

Housing a Pet Sloth

pet sloth cage

Sloths are tree dwellers doing most of their business high up on tree branches: eating, sleeping, mating, and all the works. In your house, your sloth would appreciate if you can put a tall cage with a couple of fake trees in it. Put ropes and a hammock in to serve as your sloth’s cozy bed. But, like other house pets, sloths will eventually learn to love your house too. So expect your sloth to be comfortable in your sofa, bed, or in your heated bathtub once it’s domesticated enough.

Where to Buy a Pet Sloth

purchase pet sloth

If you live in the U.S., you can count by your fingers the duly licensed sloth breeders and distributors. One such sloth distributor is Incredible Pets Incorporated located in Melbourne, Florida. If you live elsewhere, do not buy sloths from illegal poachers if you don’t want to face a hefty fine or imprisonment for illegal wildlife trade. Even buying a baby sloth from a friend who has one is considered illegal if you don’t have proper permits from your local Department of Agriculture or Bureau of Wildlife Rescue.

Is It Legal to Own Sloth

exotic pet laws

Aside from exotic pet insurance, you should secure all licenses before getting your first pet sloth. Different states and different cities have particular ordinances and laws that govern people who want to own exotic pets, let alone endangered, such as a sloth. So know the laws in your area first to avoid a hefty fine or a possible incarceration. should provide you an initial knowledge about your legal obligation and contact information of the proper offices in charge in the country.

Exotic Pet Insurance

pet insurance

And to ensure everything runs smoothly, don’t forget to purchase an exotic pet insurance for your sloth. No matter how you care for your sloth, sooner or later, your pet is bound to need an exotic pet veterinarian whose fee could run up to your neck. An exotic pet insurance should take care of this matter for you.



258 Responses to “Sloths, The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own”

  1. Paige said:

    Hello, I live in Canada, Where can I find a sloth? Ive looked everywhere online because I want to adopt one, and I can’t find anywhere that sells them. Please help
    Thank you


  2. Kris said:

    I live in Canada and I wanna know if I have to get special papers or licenses to own a sloth. Also, names of any breeders would be helpful too.

  3. kizzy said:

    hi, i’m wondering what licenses are needed to own a sloth, and i like in the uk, so where could i get hold of a breeder near enough to the uk? i’ve looked all online, but can’t find anything
    thank you

  4. Mira said:

    I live in Canada and I was wondering if there are any breeders that are selling sloths or any websites that could ship them to me.

  5. brenda said:

    can I own a sloth in Alberta Canada? Do I need any special papers for it other than insurance? If so, how much do they cost?

  6. justin said:

    hey i live in australia and i was wondering if we could get sloth imported and how much it would cost?

  7. Cassidy said:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOO lemme get that sloth fooo freeeeeeeeee

  8. Nicole said:

    Hello, I live in New Hampshire and I am also wondering where I can buy a baby sloth? Also I check and there are no laws in New Hampshire about sloths so do I still need any licenses’?

  9. Bella said:

    Hi, how much for a cute ass sloth? I live in Philly, represent! (PA) also, how long till it reaches my destination? I want one of them jawns now.

  10. Bryan Gass said:

    Hello im a 13 year old boy who lives in Massachusetts. I was wondering if its legal to buy a sloth with out owning a zoo, if it is where can i get one and how much is it.

    Much thanks
    Bryan Gass

  11. Justin said:

    FYI: Incredible Pets Inc., in Melbourne, FL and as referenced under “Where to Buy a Pet Sloth”, is no longer in business. At least according to what’s left of their web site. Is anyone able to recommend another supplier? I live in Mass. Thanks! Justin

  12. Natalie said:

    Yoooo. Im with Cassidy.
    Nigguh send me some free slothsss. (:

  13. danny said:

    I will take good care of it.

  14. Major Huntsman said:

    how much is a sloth for sale and can i legally own one is

  15. Sara Delumyea said:

    I am looking for a baby two toed sloth. I live at 617 north gedds sreet in syracuse new york. i want a sloth for about $1000 dollars i still have to get a licenses and special papers if you have one in my area, so call 315-218-6865

  16. Sara Delumyea said:

    AGain i am waiting for a two toed sloth. so call 315-218-6865. i live in syracuse new york. So call me if you have one in my area. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSE. i will really take care of it. i already have 5 fish, 1 iguana, 3 dogs, two cats, 1 hermit crab, 1 ferret, and two hamsters. so call me and mabye can you hold on to it for a while i want it under$1000 dollars. i still need a licenses and specail paper work so thats why i will need you to wait. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Michael said:

    if anyone has information on where i can purchase a sloth please email me at

  18. alexander jennings said:

    Hi im alex,
    I’m not to entirely sure how I go about doing this but I would love to adopt a sloth the personality described, how dorky and cute they look, one would fit in perfectly in my house hold. I live in gillette wy. where would the closest place to find one of these “adorkable” bundle of joys at.

    Alexander Jennings

  19. Hannah said:

    Hello i live in the usa and i want a three toed sloth, do you know where i can find one? Because i’ve looked online and could not find it anywhere!

  20. Cara Petricca said:

    Wildlife rehabber looking for a sloth for education and as a pet. Thank you.

  21. Peter said:

    hello i live in australia and would like to buy a sloth is it possible?

  22. amy grant said:

    i have looked everywhere for a sloth, they do not sell them in argos or tesco, i would like to know how much they cost, send it to sunbury please.

  23. Monica R. Vizcarra said:

    I want to buy a sloth, I’d like to know who I can contact to get a breeder in Florida, my email is and my phone is 3055990057

  24. jamie bay said:

    hey my names jamie bay and i live in indiana. im only 15 but i love sloths ! and i really want one.. do they even sell them ?

  25. jess said:

    To the person above … under $1000 im from the UK and im looking at paying 6000 £££ for a female sloth! so good luck with that!

  26. jeff said:

    the link to the sloth website to buy them dosent work so what price range am i looking at

  27. nikki said:

    i paid 5000.00 for my sloth . thety are gr8t pets!

  28. liquid todd said:

    Look at what I want for Christmas!

  29. Lacean said:

    Hi, i live in NEW ZEALAND (: where can i get a sloth. because i want a sloth. because sloths are amazing :D and i would like to adopt one: )

  30. Gaby Bergman said:

    Hi, my name is gaby and I don’t know how to get about adopting a sloth please if you have any information email me, I’ve always to take care of one and give it a good home and care it needs. Any information like I said is much appreciated.:)

  31. Tempest said:

    from childhood, I have wanted a pet sloth… I never realized that it was possible living so far from the amazon. :)

  32. thomasjefferson xD said:

    hey i was wonering if u can have on in calfonria beacuse they are illgeal here …. if u get a permit … does than enable u to get one legally?

  33. Patti Watkins said:

    I would love to own a sloth,do you know the laws on them in TN. What kind of permits do you have to have? Do you know where I can buy a sloth,I live in Ripley,Tn. About how much do they cost and the permits? I would like to have a baby sloth or very young one. Please let me know. Thank You,Patti W.

  34. nacona said:

    how much for one, and were can i find them… oh and are they easy to handle and clean up after? do they need a big space?

  35. Taylorr Estrada said:

    Hello, I live in southern California and i REALLY want a sloth. I know they’re illegal here, as are ferrets but a lot of people have those still; so I want a sloth. Where can i find one closer than florida? please help me!
    Thank you,

  36. Al Johnson said:

    We are interested in purchasing a baby sloth to integrate into our family.

  37. wally said:

    Hello, I have been studying and inquiring about sloths for awhile now for a pet for my mom. She adores them! I live in Massachusetts area of united states. Where do I shop for one, is it legal to own one, is there a vet in mass who can do check ups or health services on one, and, is it easy enough to get there bisquits on line???? Thank you very much.

  38. Taylor Russom said:

    Hello, my name is Taylor Russom and I am very interested in adopting a sloth. I was wanting to ask a few questions about cost and any special permits I would have to obtain.

    Thank you for your time.

  39. Natalie said:

    Hey, i live in florida and i want to know where i can buy a sloth…. does the place in melburne florida sell sloths?…. or just have them for show? i would lik to adopt one, i have an exotic pet lisense and i have set up everything for my new friend… but i do not have one yet…. i used to own one a few years back, but sadly my house was broken into and shooshoo was taken from me… it took me a while to recover but i am ready to start a new chapter with a new sloth for my life! so please answer all of my questions!! i would appriciate it very much!!

    Thanks a ton!!- Natalie

  40. Chris said:

    Hi, I live in Lassen County, California, and my family and I want very badly to adopt a sloth.
    How do we find out if we can own exotic pets in our county and state??
    Where do we get exotic pet insurance?
    and where do we get licesnses for a sloth pet.. and finally where can we adopt a sloth? Appreciate any help.

    Thank you.

  41. suzy poole said:

    i want a sloth what the cost and where can i buy one im in ms

  42. brandon said:

    hi i live in pennsylvania i have benn wonndring everywhere for a baby sloth so can you help me find one

  43. Sophia said:

    Hi, i’m from Denmark, does anyone know if i can get one here, and where? i want one so bad. awwwwww

  44. Daisy Nunn said:

    Is it legal to get a pet sloth in England? If so where can I get one?

  45. Samantha said:

    Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I didn’t think that owning a sloth would be legal, especially since owning a ferret as a pet (in California) is illegal! Crazy! But also completely awesome! =) I don’t have the money to take care of one properly right now, so of course getting one would be completely irresponsible; but if at any point down the line I am able to take care of one, I’d love to get one. They are so adorable!! Anyone who hasn’t seen the youtube video of baby sloths taking a bath should google it, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! Thanks so much for the info. =)

  46. apdgett said:

    I love sloths for my 15th b-day im gonna get one!

  47. annon said:

    really? they are wild animals people! … !?

  48. mike jones said:

    please please please let me have one there like my favorite animal and i would take vary good care of it

  49. Bethanie Vasquez said:

    I want a sloth. NOW. For 15 dollars.

  50. derek gomes said:

    hey live in Massachusetts and i have been searching around for information on permits and license that i need to have to own a sloth. Does anyone know what i need to do to get a permit/license

  51. Miaouz said:

    you’re all fucking strange. Every single one of you.

  52. morgan said:

    no no no dont do this to sloths

  53. mandy said:

    My daughter wants a pet sloth. I live in Garden City Savannah Ga.

  54. beesting said:

    Sloths are not to be owned. If you think they are cute donate money to an organization that protects their habitat. Baby sloths desperately need their mothers to survive. Please expand your mind before you purchase from an exotic pet seller. They are destructive to the very lives of the creatures you find so cute.

  55. Jessica said:

    Hello, where could i buy one in england and fast [please help asap thank you so much

  56. Sasha said:

    i live in melbourne aus, were can i adopt a pet sloth. please help me!! thanks so much! x

  57. Sasha said:

    do they come in different colours??? thanks

  58. Chuf said:

    Hi, i really really really really want a SLOTH!!!!!! pls help me! where can i get one in melbourne?

    p.s how much are they?

  59. Sash said:

    I really really want a sloth. where can i get one in victoria autralia?
    thankyou, sasha

  60. Sash said:

    i was woundering if you could pls help me find a sloth.

  61. chloe anderson said:

    hello, how much is a sloth and can i buy it as a house pet?

  62. aqua said:

    This is sick sentimentality!

    -Leave the poor sloths in the trees, rain,sunshine, foliage, jungle where they belong and are adapted to

    -NOT in some horrible synthetic home full of ugly man made crap, its really cruel-And if you GENUINELY care about them -work to protect them AND their environment.

  63. aqua said:

    And by paying 5000 for one you stimulate a market for them. Think about what your doing.
    Just because you WANT one doesnt means your desire should be satisfied
    Control yourself for the sloths sake.

  64. Amanda said:

    Hello there,
    I am living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am VERY interested in getting a sloth and have been for a very long time i was wondering if there was anywhere you could direct me towards getting one. I would prefer to get a baby

  65. Deanna said:

    I live in Louisiana, and I would like to have a pet sloth. Where might I find one, and how much would it cost me?

  66. Fabio said:

    go on google images and type in funny sloths and the cutest little sloth is there on a double yellow line and it says:
    ‘oh hai! i just straitening this line, k?’

  67. shayshay said:

    i want a sloth

  68. Matthew said:

    I have 3 sloths available for adoption. So if you you have proof of license, and reciept for 1 year worth of leafeater’s diet biscuit I would be willing to adopt out for free. NO OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Must come and pick up sloths at your expense. 1 male 1995, 2 females 1999, and 2006.

  69. caylen steadman said:

    hey, i was wondering if exotic pet insurance is too expensive…what is the decent amount for a sloth per month and how much would the sloth itself cost?

  70. Sabrina said:

    Hi, I live in the United States and I was wondering if it’s legal to own a sloth and if it is, where I could get one?

  71. Savannah said:

    i want a sloth so bad. i live in ft. lauderdale though is there somewhere closer to get one? also how much do they cost? i would like to know as much as i can about having a pet sloth like all the costs. please help me!
    thank you!

  72. Lexie Cashh said:

    I live in Australia and am wondering if it is legal to own a sloth here?

    When I finish my studies I plan on moving to America though, How do you get an exotic pet license? and where would you get a sloth from?
    Thank you,

  73. Carolina said:

    I live in sweden but i gotta move to London. Where can i buy a sloth?

  74. ellie villarreal said:

    im really looking for a white baby sloth, please contact me as soon as possible thank you


  75. kathy seabolt said:

    I would like to buy a baby sloth . How much are they ?

  76. Ciara and Stephen said:

    is it possible to buy one in ireland???? or bring one from america to ireland? and how much would it cost .. reply soon

  77. Haley Martin said:

    I would like to know more about owning as sloth, and where i would go to buy one. And how much a year it would be.

  78. uber mormon said:

    hi im a crazy mormon who is obessed with sloths and i would like one for FRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you should give me one cuz i hav mormon powers!!!! :) anyways so i was like ya and malissa was we should go make rice crispys and i was like ummm no i want gold fish and she like i hate gold fish and i was WAT THE FREAK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! and she was like im blonde

  79. Millie said:

    I live in the UK and I really want a pet sloth, where can I get one and how much would it be to have one/ pet insurance?

  80. Fisher said:

    hi!!! i live in Connecticut and i was wondering if they are legal to own! i really want one!



  81. Anna Parham said:

    Hey! I want to buy a pet sloth so badly. However, I am underage. I plan on buying one in a few years…I live in South Carolina and would like some more information about sloth breeders. Thank you!

  82. brielle justice said:

    hello! i am very instrsted in buying a pet sloth, and the link to the website is not working. is there another place i can contact to purchase one ?

  83. Alexis said:

    I live in the United States and i was wondering where or how can you get exotic pet insurance?

  84. madison said:

    where can i get a sloth if i live in maryland also how much is a sloth includin the insurance

  85. Beatrice said:

    Hi!???? me and my cousin, sophia were watching videos on youtube about sloths the other day, we love sloths so much that we started looking fo sloths for sale. We searched and searched but we couldnt find any that we could afford… But then, i came across your site and found everything i needed to know about them. So now that we found the perfect person to ask…. You! ???? here are a few questions that i HOPE you can answer for us:
    Q1: how much will he/she cost?
    Q2: may he/she be two toed?
    Q3: can he/she be shipped to the philippines?
    Q4: are they good with dogs?
    I just want to say one more thing, i live in the philippines, i am 11 years old
    and my cousin is 16 years old. I have a puppy at home. We just want you to know, that we are very good with animals and we want a sloth sooo much.
    Thank you very much ????

  86. Kieran said:

    SLOTHS ARE GR8. Where can i get one?

  87. Brooklyn Messina said:

    I am 14 years old, and wanted to know if it was legal to own a baby, female, two-toed sloth in Marion, Illinois.

  88. demi sarvanakis said:

    i live in australia, i love sloths, i just want to know if you can import sloths to australia and how much it would cost?:)

  89. Sam Hardy said:

    I am wondering how I would go about purchasing a pet sloth?
    Is it legal to own one?
    I live in Sydney, Australia.

  90. Christina said:

    My name is Christina and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve been looking for a two-toed sloth as a pet, I cannot seem to find one anywhere. I’m not sure if you actually sell sloths or just insurance for them. If you could let me know that would be great!

  91. Abigale said:


  92. Kalynn said:

    I live in florida. I was wondering where I could get a sloth? I have a large farm and would love to add one to my collection. Please contact me if you have any information that could help me. Thank you

  93. melodie said:

    Hello. I am in the process of looking to obtain a pet sloth. I don’t know where to buy one. I live in texas and I am not sure if it’s possible to to ship a sloth. But I am willing to go get it if possible.

  94. Heather duffer said:

    I would like information on adopting and pricing

  95. Sam said:

    Why does everyone comment on here that they want a sloth? Do they think someone is really going to give them one for posting a comment?

  96. Maddy said:

    i really waanna have a pet sloth i have looked every where online please help me i need a sloth


  97. Alex mikhailov said:

    Where can I buy a sloth in Washington state? Or someone around

  98. Ivy said:

    I really want a pet sloth I have been looking absolutely everywhere. I live in Australia (Queensland)
    1) Is it possible to own one?
    2)If so where can I get one?

    Please contact me I need a pet sloth soo desperatley now!

  99. Isabelle said:

    Hey I live in Australia and I love sloths soo badly. I would pay anything for a sloth to be my pet. I live in Queensland
    1) can I get onw imported?
    2) Is there a way?

    I would really appreciate it if you could reply


  100. Morgan pinnell said:

    I want to own a sloth because they a cute and I love them and I will take very good care of it

  101. karma said:

    i love baby sloths and i would love to have one i live in iowa and i’ll take any baby sloth

  102. Mark said:

    Hello, we are very interested in parenting a sloth baby. Please contact me so that we may set up a visit to learn more about Sloth life.

  103. cloee said:

    Hello,my name is cloee i love animals and my favorite is the sloth i absolutly adore them I have been on the internet 2 days straight literly trying to find one but I just can’t find one andI would like to know how to get one please.:*(

  104. Stacy said:

    Hi!!! Living in Brentwood, TN., Williamson County. Where could I find a baby Sloth, or rescue, for sale?? Already have an excellent exotics Veterinarian! Would appreciate any help or guidance you could provide. Also, driving to pick up would not be a problem!!

  105. Debbie Meachem said:

    Hi i live in canada is it possible to adopt a sloth here or somewhere close?

  106. riley said:

    Hi! I want a fucking sloth! NOW!!!!!!! please import it immediately to Southeast Missouri State Towers South Room 904! :)
    Thank you,
    your friendly sloth lover!

  107. cindy hodd said:

    I have always been a huge animal lover,i have owned & raised baby raccoons ,i have as well indoor cats,but i would like to know if it is legal to own a sloth in ontario canada & if so what papers etc are required to own one.
    Thanks kindly cindy hodd.

  108. Amber said:

    hi there i live in Canada BC and would like to know how much it usually is for the exotic pet insurance.

  109. nicole smith said:

    im really looking to get one! its a dream of mine to rescue animals and i think these little guys are so amazing!

  110. brandon said:

    i have a sloth for sale must live in usa im in florida

  111. Hannah Grable said:

    I’m interested in buy a baby sloth. Please reply with information about it.



  112. ryan bell said:

    tek off ya creps naa blad

  113. ryan bell said:

    while im here does anybody want to buy a fish? its dead but still fun to play with

  114. Ashley Sullivan said:

    I was wondering if someone could inform me of where I could possibly rent a sloth for a day. My friend LOVES sloths and her birthday is coming up, so we were just wondering if we could rent a sloth for only about an hour. Thats really all we need and it would mean the world to her. Thank you

  115. Rachel said:

    Hello, i live in canada and would love to know how to adopt a pet baby sloth.
    its for my 15th birthday and i would really love to know where i could get one?
    and how much is the exotic pet insurance ?

  116. Ashley Law said:

    I live in PA would it be safe to get a sloth with the different types of climates? And if so where could i buy one and get the proper diet it need?

  117. Laura Murray said:

    Hey, I live in England near newcastle a small town called chester-le-street and I would love to own a sloth as a household pet, where would I even start to own one?

  118. Sami said:

    Hi, I live in sydney, Australia . Is there a license that need’s to be obtained to adopt a pet sloth ?

  119. Britni said:

    Hello! I would LOVE to buy a sloth and if that is not possible maybe rent one for a while? These creatures are so adorable and they seem so lovable. I could not reach the florida company you mentioned in the article. Please let me know of a place where I can get one! I’d also like to see any pictures you have of these sloths! Thank You

  120. daniella Hauser said:

    I am interested to see if I can buy a sloth when I am older. I love sloths and want one really bad

  121. Earl s keller said:

    I really want a sloth

  122. meg said:

    hi i was wondering how much a sloth would cost. i love exotic animals and i would love to get a sloth but i need to know the cost of the animal, cage and food it will need.

  123. Nicola Lynch said:

    I would like a sloth

  124. Nicola Lynch said:

    sloth party

  125. Grunweid said:

    Hey i breed sloths and give them away for free, i do charge £5000 for my telephone number though.

  126. Jennifer Tijerina said:

    I am so grateful that the people commenting on here can’t find a sloth to purchase. Based on these comments none of these people should be allowed to purchase any exotic animal. I would love to have a sloth but Im not selfish enough to take one of these adorable creatures and domesticate it. How can these people expect to recreate their habitat? They can’t and owning a dog, cat, fish, etc does not make you fit to own a sloth.

  127. Tamsin Gallie said:

    i have just had a sloth sent to me by a mate in equador. he is so cute and lovely and very well behaved.

  128. Pat said:

    Learn 2 google you retards!!!!! There is a link in the article above concerning lagality wherever you live in USA. Google search for “sloth for sale” will tell you where you can buy one. I’m pretty sure if you simpletons couldn’t figure that out you have no business owning an exotic / special needs pet.

  129. Bill Cohwer said:

    I want a sloth so I can Rape it then kill it and rip it in half and beat my child with the smashed sloth. Please I need a sloth now give me a call at 1800 GO FUCK YOURSELF sloths are fat lazy and gay as hell

  130. SlothFucker101 said:

    Hey im looking for a sloth to buy i live in Australia. Could i possibly get one delivered? I would like a female sloth because i love sloth bitches. I ain’t gay.I’m just a single man looking for a sloth to make love nd have sloth children for the rest of my life. Is that to much to ask?

  131. Katelyn Norton said:

    umm my name is Katelyn and I’m 17 and i live in the us and I want a sloth so that i can name HIM Phylis and he can be mine. I am OBSESSED WITH THEM! i love them, although some of them look like Coconuts, and bowling balls and most recently told, Christmas Ornaments. I am going to order a sloth and he will live in my room. I cannot wait…Dad, you asked what I want for christmas…well her you go.:D

  132. lucero garza said:

    Sloths such beautiful creatures:)

  133. tessa said:

    i live in maryland i think it would be cool if i could have a baby sloth i would take grate care for it. i whould let it have its own room in my house and i will buy toys for it to play with pluse i will hang baskets thrue the house for it to climb on from the sealing and sleep in .if theres is any thing that i need for the sloth i am open to all sagestuns,i like to no how much thay are as whell all though money is not an isue,,i have been looking all over for one,i fownd this sight and i belive its god;s work or his angles please i love it more then anything and davote me time with it after school every day tillwe master each outher.and my family.god bless and thank you so very much,armonie tessa’s dauther,and tessa the mouther please help me and my dauther no one whould love it more thanks god bless happy hollidays and a happy new year.

  134. Taylor said:

    I live in Perth, Australia, and I really want a pet sloth, where can I go?

  135. Sara said:

    This is pretty upsetting that so many people want animals like this for pets. They are meant for the wild and it is a selfish act to force something like this to live in an environment that is the complete opposite of what it is meant for. If you truly love these animals, you would not invade on their lifestyles and force them to live in a cage in your basement. Unless you have some kind if a licensed wildlife sanctuary, it is a bad idea to have wild animals in your homes. These animals are endangered and we should be promoting better habitats for them in the wild instead of selfishly seeking to harness them. It’s actions like this that lead to problems like the fact that there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. That’s sad. These animals are wild.

  136. Kelly said:

    Just give me a goddamn sloth

  137. Eric Arvizu said:

    I live in Tampa and was wondering what I have to do to get the ball rolling on adopting one of these beautiful animals.

  138. trevor Hansen said:

    Contact me – Interested buyer

  139. joel monroe said:

    Do you have any sloths for sale

  140. rob taylor said:

    i really want a sloth. i like sloths. and i would look after one, do u know any breeders for sloths? i live in somerset and its in the countryside, witch would be better for a sloth!

  141. Sahara said:

    Hello , Im from New Jersey , I Really want A Sloth . They seam cute & I Love To Be Different .

  142. Phil Kroeker said:

    I was just curious if it was legal to have a sloth for a pet in Canada and what kind of paper work and insurance would be involved. Thanks.

  143. hope said:

    hey im 13 and iv always wanted a sloth i live in bellingham and have the perfect environment for one. so please email me at okay plz help

  144. Melissa said:

    I’m only 14, but I’m in love with sloths. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to get one!

  145. juju the sloth lover said:

    can i buy one, i want a farm of sloths. i need 10 to be exact and i need 3 babies and 6 girls and 1 boy

  146. Nick Broussard said:

    I live in New Orleans would I be able to get a sloth?

  147. Anna said:

    Hello. I live in Connecticut. Can you legally own a sloth in Connecticut without any permits? I’ve looked everywhere online because I want to adopt one, and I can’t find any website with the answer. Please help.
    Thank You

  148. serena said:


  149. Mona Thorne said:

    I live in Indiana. I am interested in adopting a baby sloth. I have always wanted one and I am finally at a point in my life to make my dream come true. How much does a baby sloth cost? Thank you!


  150. Lucy Hicks said:

    I find sloths just adorable and i really want one. I live in the UK and it has been my dream to have a pet sloth since i was about 7, i’m 19 now and i want to buy one so i have someone to cuddle with at night. #foreveralone
    Where can i get one? Do they sell them in pets at home? What do they eat? Can they spoon me at night (preferably the big spoon).

  151. Dorian Derange said:

    These things are so cute! They’re so slow as well which makes them easier to hunt! When I get one I’m literally going to hug it to death and feast on its insides!I heard sloth meat is tender, is this true? If so what could I feed them so I get the best meat? Much love Dorian

  152. raheema said:

    hi,I live in Ontario Canada and was wondering
    where I can get an exotic pet licences and how?

  153. gen said:

    I live in perth western australia, where could i buy a sloth? and how? Please help! Thankyou.

  154. Jack H said:

    I live in Texas, where can I buy a Sloth? Thanks

  155. Abby said:

    I live in Australia, where am i able to legally purchase a pet sloth? thank you

  156. Brent Crandall said:

    Hello, my partner and I run an upscale restaurant and were interested in serving a premium item of sloth. I doubt the pet store could supply us regularly, do you recommend a direct source?

  157. macayah said:

    i really want a sloth but who sell’s them

  158. macayah said:

    i live in california is it leagel hear?

  159. Oana said:

    Hey, I live in Romania. Where can I find a sloth to buy or adopt in Europe?:D thankies

  160. Ashley… said:

    i really like the sloth race. they are cooler than zac efron on the beach during the fourth of July.

  161. Victoria said:

    I’m interested in buying one…where can I get one in New Mexico?\

  162. Alyssa Andrews said:

    Hello my name is Alyssa and I am looking forward to buying a sloth within the next year. Of course, I have done much research and know all their is to know about them. I just wanted to some more information on where/how to order the specific foods they need as well as anything else that would make them comfortable in my home. Thank you! Also, a rough estimate on how much a female sloth would cost me to buy as well as ship and or pick up?

  163. Alonzo Stewart said:

    Live in Louisiana and I want a sloth

  164. Ariel said:

    Where can I buy a sloth in Australia?

  165. Foster said:

    If you want some more info on those cute little sloths, go to Make sure to watch the videos!

  166. Alonzo Stewart said:

    I want a pet sloth

  167. Kelcie Myers said:

    Hi i am interested in buying a sloth.I would like to know how much it would cost to buy one. And what you recommend me buy for it to eat. If you could email me back as soon as possible that would be great. Have a nice day.

  168. Anna Avny said:


    I was hoping to adopt a baby sloth in about 3 months. I could save up and was hoping you guys could put me on a waiting list and help me with all the necessary paper work.

    How much would it cost? And which gender is less aggressive and is easier to bond with? I do plan on having the sloth be around me constantly and my family. Please let me know.


  169. Christina said:

    Never seen a bigger bunch of fucking idiots in my life. The sheer stupidity displayed by most of these comments and the lack of reading anything in the article/previous comments just proves that none of you should be allowed to procreate or own any pet, exotic or not.

  170. niamh macaulay said:

    i would love to own my own sloth to care for and look after

  171. emily said:

    i want a pet sloth, can you buy them in the uk? if so plz email me x


    Where can i get one!?!?!

  173. Lenaa said:

    I Want A Sloth, I live in guthrie Oklahoma. I WANT ONE.

  174. Alexis Daniels said:

    i really want a pet sloth. I live in Michigan & would be willing to pay 2,000 dollars. PLEASE email me , with information on where to get them. sloths are angelic & my life <3 <3 <3

  175. melissa dixon said:

    hi im melissa,
    i live in victoria australia, and
    wanted to know if its possible to own a
    pet sloth? i do have advanced wildlife licence.. and if you can how would you
    go about getting one over here and the
    cost? i love them with a passion

  176. ray said:

    I live in Lenexa, Kansas I’m getting my license would it be ok for me to get a sloth? If so where can I buy one?

  177. Bill said:

    Hi,I live in Montana, and I was wondering if it was even safe for the sloth to live here, also where would I find one online and would I have to go retrieve him/her, or would they deliver him/her to me? Thank You!

  178. efren said:

    i want a sloth and i live in florida and sometimes mexico and where can i buy a sloth

  179. Nicci said:

    Hello, I am curious about this, and I was wondering if Sloths are legal to own in Queensland, Australia?

  180. Mitch said:

    I want a sloth,how much do they cost?.

  181. Slammy said:

    I really want a sloth.

  182. Rebecca said:

    Hellaw. I live in the UK do you know where I can get a sloth? I reaaaally want one but nowhere has one. Thanks bex.

  183. Andrew Soulsby said:

    I live in the UK and want to know if it is illegal to own one in england? Also what is the best kind to get?
    Thank you.

  184. Ashleigh said:

    Hey there I absolutely love sloths but I live in Australia is there any way that I could own one of these beautiful creatures?

  185. Geraldine Smith said:

    Hi, I live in the U.S.A, the state of Kentucky. I am wanting to adopt a sloth were can I get one?

  186. Michaela Houser said:

    Very interested in buying a sloth!! Are they allowed to live in the US? If so where do I get one? And How much?

  187. Margarette said:

    HEY!! i live in canada i was just wondering where i can find a sloth im in ontarioi have looked and looked but can find and site for canada please help! thanks :)

  188. Amanda Carrete said:

    Hello. I am Amanda and I want to order a pet sloth. I would like you to tell me where I can purchase one. Thank you.

  189. matthew valdes said:

    Hello sloths are my favorite animal of all time.. an before I dk research.. how much for a amazing beautiful animal?

  190. Claudia said:

    I live in Sydney , Australia NSW how can i own a pet sloth?

  191. cassandra said:

    Hey I Live In El Paso Texas & Me & My Friend Evy Want To Get A Sloth SO BAD! We Were Wondering Were We Could Get One, How Much It Would Be, & If It Could Be Sent To Us.

  192. Liz said:

    i want a sloth!

  193. niamh macaulayn innes donn said:

    I would love to own a sloth because they just hev so much #yoloswag.

  194. Susie Rodgers said:

    you can call me when ever 724-290-1011

  195. Nash said:

    Hi i live in Australia Were can I find a sloth? I’ve looked everywhere online to adopt one.

  196. Christy said:

    Hello! I live in West Tennessee, and I was wanting to know how much a license would cost. I have been very interested in these magnificent creatures for quite sometime, and I would love to add one to our family! If you culd give me a list of breeders, too, that would be great! Thanks in advance.
    – Christy

  197. Ally said:

    more info on sloths

  198. Harry said:

    I want one, I live in Northern Ireland, Belfast where the fleg is flying high! Can i get one pwitty pwease xoxo

  199. Mario said:

    NO offense, but after reading the comments… I seriously doubt the IQ of the majority that commented… Come on people, the article gave links and gave good info that might be the first step in THINKING to get a sloth for a pet. Google is your friend
    USE IT!

    I think a sloth is a good choice for a pet, but
    you need to do research and make sure it is what you want, not just because it is cute and cuddly… People with a short temper that get angry easily should stay away from getting a sloth. They are more vulnerable than you think.

  200. Hitler said:

    hey i want a sloth.

  201. Fabian Rivera said:

    Can you please send me a link to a place where baby sloths are available? I looked up the laws of my state and its legal to own a sloth as a pet.

  202. Bob Johnson said:

    Hello there! I would like to buy a sloth from you! I live in Canada though, so I am wondering if you can get it to me?
    Thank You

  203. heather said:

    i live in the UK and i’ve always wanted a baby sloth is it possible to have them in the UK? if so how much do they cost?

  204. Veruca Salt said:

    Daddy, I WANT a sloth please. GET me a sloth NOW. DADDY!!! I WANT A SLOTH!!!

    You people are sick, spoiled, selfish brats with little sense of right and wrong.

    Get a grip!

  205. Rae said:

    Hi I would really like to get a sloth but can’t find one sloth that’s under 5,000 dollars. Please help me find one . I live in Montana and iv researched a ton on sloths so I could adopt one. Thnx and please help

  206. Brittany said:

    I live in Canada, I would like to know where I could adopt a sloth here? and also what procedures need to happen in order to own one?
    thank you!!

  207. Isaac Marker said:

    Me and my room mate are looking into buying on of your sloths!;)

  208. Lizzie Bryant said:

    I really, really, really want a pet sloth! Do you know how I can get one, and how much it would cost? Thank you.

  209. JasonBlackwood said:

    Hey, is it possible to own one in ontario, canada. And what would I be looking at in a total price range.

  210. Suzy Guerra said:

    Plz send me information on how to adopt a sloth adult or baby. Thx for your time

  211. Lyndon said:

    Does anybody now if I can buy a sloth in United Kingdom

  212. Laurennnn said:

    Where can I get a sloth, and are they legal in Ohio?(:

  213. callan said:

    i live in Texas where could i get a sloth?

  214. caitlyn said:

    where could i buy a sloth?

  215. connor mathias said:

    hey i live in sydney australia i was just wondering were i could buy one from

  216. Pat said:

    Where can i find a sloth

  217. Val & karina said:

    we love sloths

  218. Annmarie said:

    I live in North Carolina and I really want to purchase a baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth! I know it’s a long process and there are permits and regulations you have to get taken care of, but if I live in eastern North Carolina (the beach) would it hurt for me to adopt and raise one here? Please help, I’m desperate.
    Thanks (:

  219. Herpsss said:

    To anyone who tries to obtain a sloth. You first need to see if there is a vet in your area that can competently treat a sloth. I guarantee, most of you won’t find one, even hours away from you.
    Second, you need to find out about local laws. Start with animal control in your area or fish and wildlife services. If they are illegal, you may want to find out how hefty the fines are if you are caught. Third. Liability insurance. These animals cannot be vaccinated for rabies. If it scratches or bites someone, you will be liable. And as soon as they run to the doctor or animal control, get ready for a lawsuit and likely confiscation of your “pet”.

  220. Jordan_slothlover234 said:

    Hi. I am interested in adopting a sloth for the care and keeping to be done by my school’s prestigious theatre department. I think it would just be a great learning and nurturing experience, as well as bonding for the casts and crews of the various shows we put on. I would highly appreciate it if I could get some information about the adoption. Thank you!!!

  221. Tina Lopez said:

    I want a sloths for my son name Jovani perea

  222. Tina Lopez said:

    Hello ,I live in Chicago ,where can I find a sloths? I’ve everywhere online because I want to adopt one, and I can’t find anywhere that sells them. Please help thanks you

  223. Tina Lopez said:

    My son is cry for one he loves them

  224. Demi said:

    I live in western australia any chance I can have one?how much do they coat weekly?

  225. Amy Wright said:

    Hello I would like to buy a sloth I am a fully trained zoo keeper and have exotic pet insurance and lisance. I have plenty of experiance and overflowing knowledge on Sloths. I own my own jungle and lake this has heating that are perfect fpr sloths. If you want any help with your sloths send them to me and I can train them as I am a fully trained sloth trainer. Please can i have a male sloth I will name it Sid ! Do you like that name ? XXXXXXX

  226. Kendra said:

    I really would like a sloth. They are so cute. How much are they?

  227. Kay said:

    How much are they

  228. Shannon said:

    Where can I buy a sloth? I really want one and I live in the US. So email me if ya know where to get them <3

  229. leah whitman said:


  230. Brianna and Dusty said:

    Dear Sloth owner, My friend and I would like to become sloth breeders, we’re only 14 but its okay. Please write back, we want a sloth. Thank you.

  231. Mason said:

    I want a sloth.

  232. Maddy Torres said:

    I WANT TO BUY A PET SLOTH. help me find one for me and my family. I love sloths. they are so cute.

    Maddy Torres

  233. megan said:

    i am a sloth

  234. ryan Van Zyl said:

    Good day
    I live in Durban,South Africa. I would really love to own a sloth as my pet. how would I go about finding a breeder and what would the average cost involved be? I think these animals are amazing!

  235. Amy Gonzalez said:

    Hello, i just wanted to know where i can go to buy an adorable beautiful sloth because my daughter wants one for a companion and someone to give her attention. Thank you!

  236. Morgan said:

    Hi! I live in western New York and my friend and I have been researching for days and we could never find where to buy a sloth. Can someone please help? We’re desperate and would like to become sloth breeders by our early 20s. Thanks! Bye :*

  237. jack said:

    hey, let me tell you somethin. back in nam we found tons of sloths and they were delicious. hey, how cans i gets me ones of dems……. JACK

  238. Courtney gove said:

    Omg I really want to own a sloth I’ve wanted one for years how much would they be lots:(!!xx

  239. tayler said:


  240. Danielle graves said:

    Hi my names Danielle I’m almost 17 and I want a sloth for my birthday but I need to figure out what I need and how much it ill cost I live in Fort Worth Texas and I’m obsessed with sloths they make my world go round so please let me know

  241. Hhs1998 said:

    Hello I want to buy a sloth so I can laugh at its funny rape faces I live in Luton England so can anyone post one to me.

  242. Hhs1998 said:

    Btw it will be called Jack the Ripper and how much would it be?

  243. lauren said:

    i want a sloth and know nothing about them
    can they drown and how do you prevent this
    i really really want a sloth
    my mum won’t let me
    she said it will drown

    help me i want one

  244. Aggie said:

    Hey I’m Aggie I looked up buying sloths and they are 8k :( I really want one I might have to start saving :)

  245. shaniqua said:

    i want a sloth
    can you get them from australia if so can i please have details thanks .. xox
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa buddddddddddyy

  246. Kaysha said:

    Hey I live in New Zealand and im wondering if its posible to get a sloth

  247. Courtney said:

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys rent sloths for like a day or something?

  248. me tucker said:

    Where can I get when and how much do they cost I really really really really really want what

  249. Karen said:

    hi my names karen i really want a sloth my friend danny she wants a lion an we cant be friends wif we dont adopt are animals, please help us save are friendship an contact us to (323) 413-0039 thank you(‘;

  250. Joanna Russo said:

    Hi, I would love to own a sloth and would like to know what steps I need to take to have one. Please e-mail me with any information possible. Thank you for your time.

    Joanna R.

  251. barbara garrison said:

    Considering buying a sloth. How much would exotic pet insurance run per month.

  252. Jewelly said:

    Where can you buy a sloth?

  253. Sam Fowler said:

    I really want a sloth. where can I get one, and how much would it be to adopt one?

  254. Vanessa said:

    Hi. Was just enquiring about how much a sloth toe nail would cost as I would like to frame it. Get back asap. Thank you for your time.

  255. Natalie said:


  256. peanut said:

    screw you guys deleting my comment about sloths, hundreds of sloths drown every day and you deleted my comment so now NOBODY KNOWS HOW DANGEROUS THIS IS

  257. Brooke Schmidt said:

    Hello, I am from Idaho and I would LOVE to adopt a baby sloth. Would you so kindly tell me where I could adopt them and how much would they be? Thanks.

  258. Luke Bryan said:

    Hi, i live in PA and i was wondering where i can get a baby sloth? How much do they cost? Can i ge one online? Please let me know.