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Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 9

If you’re wondering what’s the cutest, most adorable exotic pet you can own, hands down the answer is… a sloth. Looking at this slow-moving, tree-dwelling Amazonian mammal, you’d swear it is smiling back at you. And how many friends do you have that own a sloth for a pet? Probably you’ll be the first in your group. So after buying that exotic pet insurance, prepare for the deluge of visitors who want to see your exotic pet.

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Does a Sloth Make a Good Pet

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 10

Though sloths are slow, they more than make up their speed with their personality. Sloths are very affectionate pets. Cradling one is almost like cradling an infant. In fact, sloths particularly love to play peek-a-boo, like babies! They love to hide under blankets, seemingly saying “Come find me if you can.” And because sloths are slow, you wouldn’t have problem with them escaping and ransacking your closet as other exotic pets do. Sloths are great around young children also; they may have somewhat sharp claws, they don’t use it to claw on people. And sloths love to be bathed and blow dried; the animals are very clean despite being so hairy.

Pet Sloth Diet

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 11

Although you paid for exotic pet insurance, it’s heartbreaking to see your sloth get sick. So keep yours healthy by feeding it a proper sloth diet. In the wild, sloths eat mainly tree leaves and occasionally munch on fruits. If you live far from the Amazon, however, it’s impossible to get hold of the tree leaves that these guys munch on. Luckily, sloths eat prepared Leafeater’s Diet Biscuits. The Leafeater’s Diet Biscuits are mainly sold to zoo keepers only, but you can get your supply by contacting the center. So it’s best to secure your sloth’s special food first before you bring home your new pet. For treats, you can give sloths lettuces, some tropical fruits, and a couple of insects.

Housing a Pet Sloth

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 12

Sloths are tree dwellers doing most of their business high up on tree branches: eating, sleeping, mating, and all the works. In your house, your sloth would appreciate it if you can put a tall cage with a couple of fake trees in it. Put ropes and a hammock in to serve as your sloth’s cozy bed. But, like other house pets, sloths will eventually learn to love your house too. So expect your sloth to be comfortable in your sofa, bed, or in your heated bathtub once it’s domesticated enough.

Where to Buy a Pet Sloth

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 13

If you live in the U.S., you can count by your fingers the duly licensed sloth breeders and distributors. One such sloth distributor is Incredible Pets Incorporated located in Melbourne, Florida. If you live elsewhere, do not buy sloths from illegal poachers if you don’t want to face a hefty fine or imprisonment for illegal wildlife trade. Even buying a baby sloth from a friend who has one is considered illegal if you don’t have proper permits from your local Department of Agriculture or Bureau of Wildlife Rescue.

Is It Legal to Own Sloth

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 14

Aside from exotic pet insurance, you should secure all licenses before getting your first pet sloth. Different states and different cities have particular ordinances and laws that govern people who want to own exotic pets, let alone endangered, such as a sloth. So know the laws in your area first to avoid a hefty fine or a possible incarceration. Bornfreeusa.org should provide you an initial knowledge about your legal obligation and contact information of the proper offices in charge in the country.

Exotic Pet Insurance

Sloths: The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own 15

And to ensure everything runs smoothly, don’t forget to purchase exotic pet insurance for your sloth. No matter how you care for your sloth, sooner or later, your pet is bound to need an exotic pet veterinarian whose fee could run up to your neck. Exotic pet insurance should take care of this matter for you.

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