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Ten Popular Macaw Species

Ten Popular Macaw Species 13

Macaws are not the easiest birds to take care of. Newbie pet bird owners should get to know each ten popular macaw species well before deciding which one is best suited for them. They should consider the species personality and care requirements to ensure that they’ll hit it off with their first pet macaw.

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From the biggest to the smallest, these are the top ten popular macaw species.

1. Hyacinth Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 14

The hyacinth macaw is one of two of the largest macaw species measuring 40 inches from beak to the tip tail. There’s no need to feel threatened by its majestic size, however. The parrot is the gentlest among the rest of the macaw species. But, pet owners must still exercise caution when handling hyacinth macaws because the birds can still unintentionally inflict harm by their strong beaks.

2. Green Wing Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 15

Green wing macaws have the same length from beak to tip of tail as the hyacinths. And a green wing macaw’s wingspan can reach up to 40 inches too making the bird really big from common pet bird species. Unlike the hyacinths, however, green wing macaws are less active pet parrots but are equally intelligent and affectionate.

3. Scarlet Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 16

Scarlet macaws reach 35 inches in length from beak to tip of tail, and they can weigh from 2-3 pounds. The birds are extremely intelligent so that they get bored easily if you’re not going to interact with them. Pet bird toys are not enough to entertain scarlet macaws.

4. Blue and Gold Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 17

From beak to tip of tail, blue and gold macaws can reach length of up to 33 inches. These species of parrots are very sociable as such they also demand interaction from their owners. They can bond very well with family members even with the other friendly pets in the house.

5. Military Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 18

The average length of military macaws is 30 inches from beak to tip of its tail. But many military macaws have wingspan of over 40 inches! So they need a large bird cage to be comfortable. Military macaws are very talkative bird, thus they’re easier to teach to speak than other macaw species.

6. Severe Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 19

Severe macaws are in the middle among macaw species in terms of length from beak to tip of tail reaching only up to 18 inches. With training and enough human interaction, this macaw species is able to learn several human vocalizations. Their playful attitude, however, can demand time from busy owners, so take this into consideration.

7. Illiger’s Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 20

Illiger’s macaws can reach anywhere form 15-17 inches from beak to tip of tail. These macaws are very playful, and they wouldn’t hesitate to demand attention from their owners by screaming them into submission. But then again what parrot species isn’t loud?

8. Yellow Collared Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 21

Reaching only 15 inches from beak to tip of tail, yellow collared macaws are considered mini pet parrot species. Their small physique, however, does not equate to their personality. Yellow collared macaws can be mischievous – they like to escape from their cage even if they have to chew their way out!

9. Hahn’s Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 22

Hahn’s macaws are considered small parrot species reaching up to only 12 inches from beak to tip of tail. Because they’re small, Hahn’s macaws are easy to handle and train. They’re recommended to starting pet parrot owners than their bigger cousins. They’re packed with personality too, so they make good toy birds.

10. Hybrid Macaw

Ten Popular Macaw Species 23

Because hybrid macaws came from breeding two or more macaw species, their sizes can vary. Hybrid macaws are designer pet macaws. Macaw breeders tend to cross breed macaw species to get their desired color pattern, temperament, and intelligence.

These are the ten most popular pet macaw species you can choose from. Give some time before deciding which is the species really for you.

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