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The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 9

Although pet insurance has been around for more than two decades, pet bird insurance in particular has a lot of catching up to do. In the United States and around the world, only a few pet insurance companies offer a cover for pet birds. That’s why bird owners are still finding it relatively hard to find pet bird insurance compared to dog or cat owners looking for dog or cat insurance, for example.

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Reasons Pet Bird Insurance is Rare

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 10

There are several reasons that pet bird insurance is rare, and on top of these reasons is the nature of the pet itself. Compared to other pet types, there has been less research done about birds’ (esp. exotic species) susceptibility to certain types of diseases. Vets still can’t correlate a bird’s species to certain diseases as easily as they could on dogs or cats, for example. That’s why pet insurance companies are finding it hard to compute a fair pet bird insurance premium to charge a bird owner. Today for example, big birds and exotic bird species owners pay higher premium compared to owners of smaller, more common pet bird species. Basing the premium on bird size and generalizing about all exotic bird species is not a very fair practice, but both bird owners and insurance companies could do little about it until extensive research about pet birds has been done.

Pet Bird Insurance Usual Coverage

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 11

Most of today’s pet bird insurance covers only the basic medical expenses about your pets. These include minor surgeries, minor checkups, lab fees, X-rays, and up to 90% of the hospital bill. If you want coverage on supplemental and routine health care, you may need to pay more monthly premium. No insurers will cover a pre-existing medical conditions, too, and denial of cover after your bird reach certain age is also common.

Choosing a Pet Bird Insurance Company

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 12

The limited choices when it comes to choosing a pet bird insurer, however, should not deter you from doing your research before signing the perforated blue line. You want to start by asking your trusted vet hospital or vet service what pet bird insurance policy providers they accept. It might be useless to go for the very best pet bird insurance company if the nearest vet hospital that accepts your its policy is in the next state. Instead, settle for the second best whose service vet hospital is in your county.

If you have more than one pet bird insurance company choices whose service hospital is near you, choose one who can give you more bang for your buck. For example, some pet bird insurance company covers medical expenses on self-mutilation, feather picking, and egg binding that others deny cover about.

Choosing a Pet Bird Insurance Policy

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 13

No matter how you love your pet bird though, there’s no reason going broke over it. So consider the policy premium if it’s within your budget. Remember, it’s better to have some cover than reach for entire coverage that’s going to leave you broke in the end. And even though not all bird species are fully studied, nonetheless, your vet still knows more about your pet than you. So ask him or her advice about how much insurance coverage you should pay for your particular pet bird species.

Trusted Few Pet Bird Insurance Companies

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 14

In the United States, the most trusted pet bird insurance company is the Veterinary Pet Insurance. It’s got the widest cover and the widest acceptance in veterinary hospitals and services in the country.

Across the big pond from the U.S., the biggest pet bird insurance company is E&L insurance. The company is even generous enough to cover pet bird theft in their minimum premium!

The Very Best Pet Bird Insurance Ever

The Current State of Pet Bird Insurance 15

Above all these, do you know that the very best insurance your pet bird can get is you? Take care of your pet well by giving it all your TLC and expect less medical mishaps to occur to your feathered best friend. Your TLC is the surest and the most endearing type of pet bird insurance there is.

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