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Top 5 Popular Pet Birds

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 9

In case you want a feathered and singing companion in the house, consider the top 5 popular pet birds to start. These 5 pet bird species are the most popular among bird lovers who are after of colorful, entertaining, happy birds that are easy to care and quite easy to feed also. Some of these birds are more suitable for young children, and some don’t need much caring than others; so get to know each 5 species first before deciding which one to get especially if you’re a first time bird owner.

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1. Parakeets or Budgies

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 10

Parakeets, otherwise known as the budgies, are the perfect pet bird for starters. They have the array of colors that bedazzles your visitors, the entertaining personality that keeps you company, and their chatters will drive your Monday blues away. Because the parakeets are small, they don’t require big space and complicated maintenance that big birds do. The parakeets are easy to feed: seeds, greens, and fruits are their favorite diet. And because parakeets belong to the parrot family, they can be taught to speak few words too!

2. Lovebirds

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 11

The lovebirds are the next favorite pet birds in the world. Although small, they’re intelligent and full of funny antics that are very fun to watch. They’re not too noisy like other birds, so they’re ideal as pet birds in apartment or condominium houses. Although they’re the smallest in the parrot family, the lovebirds are very colorful, and they possess the same personality as their larger cousins, the larger macaws. Lovebirds are vegetarians, but you can buy bird pellets in your favorite pet store to feed the birds and supplement it with fresh fruits for variety.

3. Finches or Canaries

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 12
Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 13

Finches or canaries are another small pet birds recommended for a newbie because they don’t require much human interaction. So much that if you want a bird that will interact and become close to you, you need another species. Finches or canaries are very colorful and the males sing beautifully filling the house with natural soothing melody. However, they require a larger cage because they get much of their exercise by flying. Although you can feed canaries readymade bird pellets, it’s important you feed them with salad greens, fresh fruits, and seeds to balance their diet.

4. Cockatiels

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 14

Native from Australia, the cockatiels is the fourth on the list of popular pet birds. The cockatiels are larger parrot-family bird compared to the previous birds on the list. They whistle and sing well, but the amazing stuff about cockatiels is that they’re fond of imitating sounds anything from cat meows to the telephone ring. Since they are parrots, they are very colorful, and they have beautiful crown feathers that the birds wear proudly. Although there are pellets for cockatiels, it’s best to give a variety of seeds, fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables, and mineral supplements to balance your cockatiel’s diet.

5. African Greys

Top 5 Popular Pet Birds 15

Recommended for advance pet birds owners, the African greys parrot is the most intelligent bird you can own. If well trained, they can speak close to 2,000 words and can answer short questions as well. Because they’re very intelligent, they tend to be demanding also; they need constant stimulation and companionship from their owners or else they get board and develop behavioral and physical problems. Because they are large, they need a variety of fresh tropical fruits, fresh vegetables such as spinach, quality pellets, and vitamins and mineral supplement for complete nutrition. They’re not an easy bird to care.

These are the top 5 pet birds you can choose from; a newbie pet bird owner is recommended to get small, easy to care bird such as lovebirds or canaries. The larger parrot species are reserved for people with experience in caring for birds.

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