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Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 8

In this day and age, traveling should not be exclusive to humans only—the four-legged, furry member of the family can travel too. Pet-friendly hotels and vacation homes are making more money now than they do before because there are more pet owners now who feel that their pooch or their mousers deserve the luxury of travel. But some cities are more pet-friendly than others. If you live or you’re planning to travel to North America, here are the top five pet-friendly cities to check out.

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1. Chicago, Illinois

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 9

By far Chicago has the most number of pet-friendly hotels, vacation homes, vacation destinations, parks, restaurants, and other public facilities in North America. There are posh as well as budget travel pet-friendly hotel and vacation homes across Chicago. Even the horse and carriage rides around the city and the boat tours in Lake Michigan are pet friendly. Perhaps the best proof to this claim is the annual “Dog Day” baseball game each spring by the White Sox!

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 10

Aside from pet-friendly hotel and vacation home accommodations, Vancouver, B.C. boast of its pet-friendly bus, transit, and ferry transportation. The historic destinations Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park, Gastown, and Granville Island are pet friendly too. When entering another country by air or by land though, you have to make sure you have the right veterinary certificate for your pet.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 11

The third top pet-friendly city in North America is back to the United States in Boston. It’s easy to get around the city with your pooch, regardless of its size, because the public trains and subway system, the Boston T, are pet friendly. The parks, Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and the horse and carriage rides around the historic areas in Boston also welcome your pet.

4. San Francisco, California

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 12

The City by the Bay is also a certified pet-friendly city in the West Coast. You can find plenty of pet-friendly hotels and vacation homes in San Francisco. Dogs are also allowed in most public transportation: cable cars, mini buses, trains, and some ferries. San Francisco’s famous vacation destinations, the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ghiradelli Square, are also pet friendly. Most public parks allow dog in a leash to stroll with you. If you love dogs and baseball, the San Francisco Giants have the perfect treat for you: the annual Dog Day at SBC Park every August. It’s an event not to be missed for baseball fans who want to introduce their dogs to their sport.

5. Seattle, Washington

Top Five Dog-friendly Cities in North America 13

The state’s number one attraction, the Washington State Ferries, allow leashed dogs of all sizes. The city bus and train transport also allow pets onboard, so getting around the city while saving money from parking tickets is possible. You can also take a stroll in the Sand Point Magnuson Park or take the carriage with your dog in Pioneer Square or the Sculpture Garden. These are just few of the pet-friendly activities you can do with your pooch while in Seattle. Accommodation is not a problem because several pet-friendly hotels and vacations homes dotted the city.

After seeing what these top 5 pet-friendly cities can offer to a traveler and his or her pet, there’s no reason you can’t treat your pet to a leisure travel once in a while. And if you’re planning to travel by plane, there are certain things you need to prepare for your pet in order for your vacation to be pleasant both for you and your four-legged companion—check some tips in preparing your pet for air travel.

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