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Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 13

Aside from keeping your dog entertained so you can do some work, there are plenty of other reasons to get your dog some toys. You can use your dog’s favorite toys as training reward; you can bribe your dog to move using toys; and a playtime with your pooch is more exhilarating if you and your dog have something to chase around, or play tug with. If you’re on the prowl for dog’s favorite toys, consider these popular dog’s toys according to other pet dog owners.

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1. Squeaky Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 14

The squeakers are at the top of the list of dog’s favorite toys. Dogs go crazy over squeaky balls or rubber toy animals that they can grip easily with their teeth. In fact, some dog owners claimed that their dog plays nothing but its squeaky toy.

2. Bouncy Ball Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 15

The next dog’s favorite toys are bouncy balls of any size. Dogs particularly love the velvety feel of tennis balls, and the size of a basketball allows the dog’s imagination to run wild. If you want to exercise your lab in the park, bring a tennis ball with you to play fetch in an afternoon. At home, dogs love to imagine a basketball for a pig and chase it around like they’re winning a hog race. Buy Best dog ball launcher

3. Kong Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 16

Of course, no dogs can resist kongs as toys. Kongs are those chewy rubber dog’s favorite toys with holes or seams you can stuff some dogie treats in. If there’s one toy that could occupy your dog for hours, it would have to be the kongs. However, you should remember to limit giving your pet dog treats because they’re the number one culprit of dog’s obesity.

4. Flying Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 17

If you have an overweight Rottweiler or an extra energetic pom, then playing Frisbee catch with it in a park should take care of the issue. Not only are you exercising your dog well with a Frisbee, you’re destined to lose some pounds yourself playing one of your dog’s favorite toys. Just make sure to get those properly cushioned Frisbees designed specifically for dogs.

5. Interactive Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 18

Interactive dog toys are those toys that give your dog a bit of an IQ challenge, sharpening its brain cells as it’s entertained. Although asking your pet dog to complete a jigsaw puzzle is farfetched (for now), there are interactive puzzle toys for your dogs such as IQube or hide-a-toy puzzle to challenge your dog’s wits with.

6. Rope Tug Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 19

If there’s one thing you can play with your dog while you sit still on the sofa letting it do all the exercise, it’s a rope tug toy. Dog’s love to play tug-of-war with you or with a fellow pooch; so get your pet dog a soft, specially made rope tug for playing.

7. Plush Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 20

Soft, chewy, resembling another animal with plastic nose and eyes, plush toys are number seven in the list of dog’s favorite toys. You can also play tug-of-war with your pet dog using a stuffed monkey or duck; let your dog’s imagination run wild with another furry animal on its side even if it’s just made of thick velvet.

8. Chew Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 21

Chew dog’s toys are essential for teething puppies. If you don’t want your teething puppy to shred your shoe or your sofa, scatter a lot of chew dog’s favorite toys on the floor to absorb your puppy’s penchant to chew.

9. Common Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 22

Who knew that among dog’s favorite toys are those stuffs you have in your closet or in your garage? You can buy some time with your pet dog by giving it a cardboard box or two, laundry basket, or an old car tire to play with. It’s cheap, it’s readily available, and it’s very entertaining for your dog imagining a tire for Mount Everest.

10. Bubble Maker Dog’s Toys

Top Ten Dog’s Favorite Toys 23

Have you tried blowing bubbles around your pet dog? If you do, you must have seen your pooch jump and chase the bubbles around like crazy. More and more pet dog owners are discovering the power of automatic bubble makers to occupy their dogs – you might want to try them out for your pooch too.

Now that you know the top ten dog’s favorite toys, there’s no more reason you can’t have a wonderful playtime with your loyal best friend. Get any of these dog’s favorite toys and start helping you and your dog get into shape soon.

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