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Tortoise and Turtle Pet Supplies

Tortoise and Turtle Pet Supplies 11

Do you want to have a stark contrast into your busy life… have a tortoise or a turtle in your house. You can’t rush things with these little guys. So they’re a great pet to have if you want to slow your pace down after hectic hours at work, or simply if you love pet reptiles. In case you don’t know, however, tortoises and turtles are different; thus, they have distinct needs in terms of housing and other pet supplies.

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Don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about tortoise or turtle pet supplies because a quick browse through some reptile pet supplies online should give you ideas about all the reptile supplies ever invented. You just have to know which ones you “really need” and which ones you can do without to save money.

Tortoise and Turtle Food Supplies

Although tortoises and turtles are close cousins, they have different feeding requirement. In general, tortoises are green feeders and turtles can eat both greens and some live animal feeds such as insects and worms. To ascertain which foods are best suited to your pet reptile, however, have your vet identify your pet tortoise or turtle species. It’s a lot easier to shop for pet supplies once you know your tortoise’s or turtle’s exact kind.

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As a general guide, a Galapagos, Hermann’s, leopard, red- and yellow-footed, star, and sulcata tortoises are fed with greens. Bok choy, cabbage, collard, kale, lettuce, and spinach can be given fresh. If you have a safe yard and the weather allows it, tortoises can also be left to forage on their own for clover, dandelions, and non-toxic grasses.

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Turtles on the other hand can also be fed the same green diet as the tortoises. But most of them can also be fed with earthworms, fresh shrimp with shells, insects, and even slugs. There are also floating commercial turtle feeds you can shop from pet supplies online stores that can be given to turtles for variety.

Pet Tortoise Cage

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Tortoises live on land (some even live in a desert), so it’s not difficult to house a tortoise than its turtle cousin. If you live in the tropics or semi-tropical climate such as down south in Florida, you can build your pet tortoise an outdoor cage to live in. If you live in colder regions, however, it’s best to shop for indoor tortoise cage from your favorite pet supplies. Again, in general, tortoises grow larger than their cousins, so take the size into consideration when getting a pet tortoise and shopping for pet supplies online.

Pet Turtle Tank

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Exception for a very few species, most turtles are aquatic. They breed, eat, play, and even sleep in the water. That is why they’re a lot challenging to house than tortoises. To house a pet turtle, you need a tank big enough to allow your reptile to comfortably move and swim. For a single small turtle species, the 40 gallon tank you can get from pet supplies stores are okay. But if you can afford a bigger one, it’s even better. Decorate the tank such that half contains at least 6 inches of water for your turtle to swim in and the other half with dry sand or rock it can use to bask on.

Tip: train your turtle to feed in a separate container to preserve your turtle’s tank cleanliness longer.

Hibernating Turtle Supplies

Tortoise and Turtle Pet Supplies 17

Another challenge of having a pet turtle is hibernation. Among the popular pet turtle species that hibernate include box turtles and most water turtle species. In order to live throughout the winter, hibernating pet turtles need special pet supplies. Luckily, though, most of these supplies can be found in your hard. To help a box turtle hibernate for example, you need the following items:

1. A wooded box about half the size of your turtle’s terrarium
2. Dead leaves
3. Screen or mesh to cover the box

Place the leaves in the box a couple of weeks before winter, and when the winter comes, place your box turtle on top of the leaves. The turtle should willingly burry itself into the leaves for hibernation to come out only occasionally to get fresh air. It will come out of hibernation completely when the temperature warms up in spring.

Tortoise and Turtle Accessories

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In your tortoise or turtle terrarium, you need the following items:

1. Heat lamp for basking
2. Thermostat to monitor the terrarium’s temperature
3. Water tub for bathing and drinking for your pet tortoise
4. Rock or heated décor to warm up the reptile
5. Heat mats for tortoise caged indoor

These pet supplies are available in pet supplies online, which you can have delivered on your doorstep.

Tortoise and Turtle Medical Supplies

Tortoise and Turtle Pet Supplies 19

Aside from the cage or terrarium accessories, you also need the following medical pet supplies for your tortoise or turtle:

1. Vitamin D
2. Calcium supplement
3. Sulfa dip
4. Turtle eye drops

There you have it. The necessary pet supplies that you can’t do without if you have a pet tortoise or turtle.

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