Wales Banned Electric Dog Training Collars

The use of electronic dog training collars to train unruly dogs is one of the hotly debated dog training techniques anywhere in the world. To the conservative pet dog owners and animal rights activist, electrocuting a dog by an electric collar is equivalent to torture. But to electric dog training collar manufacturers, it’s a safe “last resort” to save an unruly dog from being run over by vehicles or being put to sleep!

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Alas, the Wales Assembly in U.K. finally settled the debate and sealed the verdict with a gavel’s bang. The Wales Assembly was the first to ban the electric dog training collars in a jurisdiction.

What Are Electronic Dog Training Collars

Before you can fully understand the contentions of the Wales Assembly for banning the use of electric dog training collars, you need a clear definition of electric dog training collars and its effect on dogs.

An electric dog training collar is any dog collar worn by a dog on the neck that is capable of delivering a jolt of electricity, emitting a loud sound, or an unpleasant vibration. The action of the collar prevents the dog from misbehaving. But does it really?

Reason for the Ban

The Wales Assembly in the United Kingdom said that shocking a dog with electricity, deafening sound, or frightening vibration is an inhumane way of training a dog. There’s not much study and evidence (maybe there never will be unless people learn to speak “dog” language) about how painful or torturing it is to the pet when shocked by an electric dog training collar. this is the reason the Wales Assembly said using one on the “man’s best friend” is unacceptable.

Electric Dog Training Collars Ban Dissenters

Not everyone is happy with the move of the Wales Assembly. Some pet dog owners in its jurisdiction are worried that they may not have a last resort in “instilling” some manners or “correcting” unacceptable dog behaviors. But the biggest dissenter of all is, of course, the makers of electric dog training collars. After all, the electric dog collar trade is worth multimillion pounds in the U.K.

Electric Dog Training Collars Ban Conformers

The RSPCA and the Kennel Club, however, are all praises about the new law. They’ve been fighting for this law to be passed for several years now, and they say that their victory is not so much about them, but for the thousands of dogs who are going to be spared from the torture. The RSPCA, Kennel Club, and the Humane Society believed that there so much dog training programs available—using electric dog training collars is never necessary.

The Future of Electric Dog Training Collars in the U.S.

After Wales Assembly banned the use of electric dog training collars, Scotland and several other territories in the U.K. are looking at the possibility of following suit. But the move is looking to be impossible from the country that has the largest population of pet dog owners: the United States. It seems that the use of electric dog training collars is harder to quash in the United States, where electric dog training collar making is worth many jobs and several million dollars of government income, than in any other parts in the world.

Alternative to Electric Dog Training Collars

So if not electric dog training collars, then what is?

The animal rights group around the world would tell you that there are a lot of alternatives in dealing with puppy behavior the right way: enrolling your pet to dog obedience school or hiring certified professional dog trainer are just a few options to consider if your dog’s behavior problems are too much for you to handle. Start by knowing the developmental stages of puppies for you to understand how and why dogs behave the way they do, and what can you do to correct potential behavior problem.

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