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Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 8

If your horse crib, hold on to your wits end because stopping a horse from cribbing is not easy. Aside from the right techniques and tools, you’re going to need a lot of patients and determination to help your horse stop cribbing. Now that the alarm bells were sounded, don’t give up just yet. Stopping a horse from cribbing is still possible through some proven ways.*

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Why Do Horses Crib

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 9

Before discussing ways to stop horse cribbing, it’s important for you to learn why horses crib. In the wild, horses are energetic nomadic grazers covering long distances to find greener pastures or new bailiwick to flourish. When people domesticated horses, they’re housed in a cramped barn without even a fresh green to chew most of the time. The boredom and lack of energy outlet are causing horses a lot of stress and cribbing is their new found way de-stress.

Therefore, horse cribbing is more of a manifestation of some problems than the actual problem itself. Taking care of the causes should help stop horse cribbing. But once a horse learns to crib, the behavior will quickly become a problem in itself; so it’s better to prevent cribbing in the first place.

Some Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing

Although it’s difficult to stop horse cribbing, it can be done. Try these following ways:

Food Distraction

If you’re like most horse owners who find open grazing impossible, then be creative in feeding your horse. Use food as a distraction that takes your horse’s mind off cribbing. To do this you need to divide your horse’s daily ration into smaller portions to allow you to feed your horse several times a day. However, addicted cribbers may choose cribbing over their food, so keep observing your horse.

Eliminate Opportunities to Crib

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 10

Of all the ways to stop horse cribbing, eliminating the opportunities to crib has the most potential to succeed. If there’s nothing to grab hold on to, then how can a horse crib. But eliminating the opportunities to crib is easier said than done because it means modifying your horse’s barn stall and installing guards on the fences. It may even mean removing some bolder in your horse’s grazing area.

Electric Fencing

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 11

Part of eliminating opportunities to crib is installing electric fencing on the paddock and grazing fences. Using electric fencing is more advantageous because you’re sure it’s going to work even though you’re not watching, unlike other ways to stop horse cribbing.

Horse Cribbing Strap

Horse cribbing strap is the most popular and readily available way to stop horse cribbing. Some horse owners have some success in stopping their horse crib by using cribbing strap, but still others don’t. The effectiveness of a horse cribbing strap will depend on its design and your horse’s tolerance on the pressure on its neck. Some horses can tolerate a cribbing strap!

Anti Cribbing Product

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 12

Anti-cribbing products that are sprayed or painted on areas where a horse can grab hold on to crib is another effective way to stop horse cribbing. But you have to constantly reapply the product to ensure that it’s working, which makes it less desirable than electrical fencing, for example.

Will Punishment Stop Horse Cribbing

Ways to Stop Horse Cribbing 13

A lot of horse owners are asking whether punishing their cribbers will discourage the behavior. Unfortunately, horses are too intelligent to know that they’ll only be in trouble when you see them crib. But when you’re not looking, they know that they can crib as long as they want. So unless you (or someone on your payroll) can monitor your cribber 24/7, it’s best not to even try to punish your horse when you see it crib, at all.

*Some of these ways work well on some horses and failed on others.

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