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What’s Cute about Pet Snakes

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 11

Snakes make good pets according to some… do you agree? The truth is not all people appreciate snakes as pets. After all, some snake species can kill people within few minutes, and the way they slither and flick their tongue in and out does look frightening if not devilish. However, if you’re a daring reptile enthusiast, you’d like snakes as pets for the following reasons:

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1. Snakes Can Fast Longer Than Other Pets

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 12

It’s okay if you’re too busy on weekdays to feed your snakes. They can be fed once a week. In fact, it take snakes at least a whole week to digest and use a whole meal fully. In the wild, snakes can even go for a month without food! And feeding snakes can be relatively cheap too. Feeder rats or rabbits (apologies to pet rat and rabbit lovers) are readily available from online discount reptile supplies store, or you can buy some in a pet store near you.

2. Snakes Don’t Need Grooming

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 13

You’d be glad to know that snakes are clean animals. They’re not slimy to the touch like most people think they are. You don’t need any discount reptile supplies to groom your pet. A simple cleaning up after the snake will suffice. And since snakes eat once a week only, they dispose of once a week also making cleaning a lot easy.

3. Snakes Don’t Need Companion

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 14

Unlike dogs or cats that demand your attention at least several minutes a day, snakes don’t need companionsh ever so often. They don’t mind being left alone in their dark corner. However, it’s still good to hold your pet snake at least a couple of minutes a day to keep them docile and tamed.

Tip: Handling aggressive snakes need reliable tongs you can buy from discount reptile supplies store to keep you and your pet snake safe.

4. Snakes Don’t Take Over Your House

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 15

Relax mom, your son’s boa is not out to get you. Snakes are not out to dominate the entire house unlike a cat, dog, or rabbit that’s there wherever you are – in your bed included. Discount reptile supplies stores sell new or hand-me-down snake tank that’s just right for son’s snakes; and there the snakes will stay. (Remind your son to keep the lid always close though.) The same discount reptile supplies stores buy your son’s snake tank if the pet is too big to be happy in it; it’s a great money saver.

5. Snakes Are Hardy Animals

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 16

Keep snakes in a proper terrarium, feed each once a week, make water always available, keep the temperature right… expect your pet snakes to stay healthy longer than your other pets do. So snakes make good pets for a busy high-school student who’s not available to take care of the animals during the day. The terrarium humidity and temperature gauges you can shop from online discount reptile supplies store ensure your serpents’ abode stays habitable for them to be always happy.

6. Snakes Display Cool Color Pattern

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 17

Snakes are among the very few colorful animals that you can keep as pets. What other pet species display shiny red, black, yellow, green, brown, white, orange, almost all color of the spectrum, color patterns? You visit the nearest discount reptile supplies store to see it yourself.

7. Snakes Don’t Trigger Allergies

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 18

Unlike furry pets that produce dander that triggers allergies like asthma or allergic rhinitis, snakes don’t trigger allergies – so far as non-venomous snakes are concerned*. So snakes are good options for people who want to have pets but are held back by some medical conditions such as allergies.

Snakes Make Good Conversation Topic

What’s Cute about Pet Snakes 19

And of course, pet snakes make very good conversation topic during casual roundtable with your friends. How many of your friends who keep snakes do you know? Be prepared to catch curious attention from your friends once you tell them you have snake for a pet.

So now that you know some good reasons to have pet snakes, you be the judge. Are snakes cute or not? It’s all left to the eye of the pet lover, really.

* People allergic to any type of venom or ant bite should refrain from having pet snakes including the non-venomous species.

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