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What’s in a Pet Collie?

What’s in a Pet Collie? 9

From north to south, who could have not heard about the famous pet collie, Lassie? Lassie has been around on TV, movies, books, cartoons, toys, and even in novels since Eric Knight wrote a short story starring a pet collie in 1940. Lassie charmed a lot of pet dog lovers wanting a pet collie to add to their collection of famous dog breeds. If you want to get on the band wagon, know a pet collie inside and out first to ensure you’ll have a perfect match with your pet dog.

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Here below are certain things you want to know about a pet collie.

The Looks of a Pet Collie

What’s in a Pet Collie? 10
What’s in a Pet Collie? 11

Lassie epitomized the looks of a pet collie. Large, lean, flat skull, wedge-shaped head, chiseled face, black nose, brown or blue eyes (or one color in each eye), long-haired with undercoat, tri-colored (i.e. white, black, tan) are just few of the distinguishing features of a pet collie. Some collies are also blue merles, black and white, sable, and sable and white depending on their type. The long coat forms a mane around the chest, and the undercoat is soft and warm making the dog suitable in cold places. A pet collie is really regal and elegant dog that you can be proud of.

Type of Collies

What’s in a Pet Collie? 12

There are three types of collies:

Rough Collie
Smooth Collie
Border collie

Lassie is a rough collie, and his short-haired version is a smooth collie. A border collie has moderate amount of hair, which popular color is black and white. Whatever you decide though, its always best to get them young and there are always collie puppies for sale.

How Does a Pet Collie Behave

What’s in a Pet Collie? 13

Like how they depict Lassie in films and TV shows, a pet collie is very intelligent, well-behaved, good-natured dog that you can trust around children and other pets. Collies are herders; you can train them to herd goats and sheep in the farm. If you want a playful, highly-trainable pet dog that you can play fetch or frisby on weekends, the collie is your matched too.

Common Pet Collie Health Problems

Collies are pretty inactive indoors, so they are prone to develop arthritis and hip problems. To avoid this from happening, make sure your pet collie gets his or her exercise at least once a week. But, know that collies are prone to heat exhaustion too. So it’s not a good idea to let them play under the sun for long periods of time. And don’t forget to put sunblock on your collie’s nose to prevent sun damage. Collies can live from 12-14 years, just like other common big pet dogs.

Grooming a Pet Collie

What’s in a Pet Collie? 14

Smooth Collies are generally easier to groom than their hairy cousins: the Rough and the Border Collie. Long-haired collies need a quick brushing everyday and a thorough brushing at least once a week. Specially during shedding, the long-haired collies need thorough brushing to remove fallen hairs from the coat. To keep the shine and softness of your long-haired pet collie’s hair, shampooing once a week is necessary. Use only vet recommended shampoo for this purpose.

Pet Collie Trivia

What’s in a Pet Collie? 15

Collies originated from Scotland and spread throughout England in the 1800s. Queen Victoria was among the first people who love collies as pets, and the people in England followed suit. They were first bred for herding, but later became breeds for dog shows and home pets.

And in the film and TV, Lassie, the famous animal character is often played by male collies despite Lassie being a female. It’s because male collies were thought to look better on camera than the females. Anyway, the long hair of a rough pet collie conceals anything that’s not needed to be seen on camera.

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