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Which Goldfish Is It?

Which Goldfish Is It? 7

When your kid asks for a pet goldfish, do you know what to get him or her right away? Well, as long as it’s a fish and it’s golden in color, it must be a goldfish. No! There are a lot of pet goldfish color and type aside from the usual yellow fish with dashing tail you have in mind. Get to know the popular types of goldfish, and impress your child with how much you know about his or her new pet goldfish.

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The Common Goldfish

Which Goldfish Is It? 8

Simple, humble, and very brightly colored, the Common Goldfish resembles the very species that goldfish was bred from: carp. They are single tailed with dazzling red orange coloration fit the name of “gold fish.” Among all types of goldfish, they are the most tough; they can live in waters that other goldfish would snob. The sad thing about the Common Goldfish is that they often end up as meal for other hunting pet fish such as an Arowana.

Black Moor Goldfish

Which Goldfish Is It? 9

Black Moor goldfish is defiant, because instead of sporting bright red or yellow color like other goldfish, it’s sporting an ominous black suit. If placed together with other goldfish in a tank, a Black Moor stands out like sore thumb. However, the black works well with a Black Moor goldfish: female Black Moor goldfish looks like it’s wearing a long black gown, and the males look like they’re wearing long tail black tux. The protruding eyes of a Black Moor goldfish work against it, however. The protruding eyes make it hard for the goldfish to see what’s right in front of it making feeding difficult. A Black Moor goldfish is best fed with sinking pellets instead of the floating ones.

Fantail Goldfish

If you want a fancy, bright-colored, long-, double-tailed goldfish that’s not blind, the Fantail Goldfish is for you. It’s among the top goldfish type among aquarium owners because of its elegant look and graceful moves – its tail resembles a soft curtain wafted by a gentle breeze. Fantail Goldfish can easily steal the spotlight during pet goldfish shows to bring home the bacon.

Ranchu Goldfish

Being the “King of Goldfish” (at least according to the Japanese), the Ranchu goldfish is distinct from its cousins. It doesn’t look anything like carp at all; it resembles more like a puffer fish with its round-shaped body. But then again its head resembles like a buffalo with its arched back made prominent with the absence of a dorsal fin. Thus, the goldfish is known as “Buffalo Head” in some Asian countries as well. Children and goldfish collectors loved the Ranchu Goldfish because of its unique features: short, pinched tail, rounded stomach, arched back, bulged head cap, and distinct coloration.

Shubunkin Goldfish

Which Goldfish Is It? 10

The black, brown, light blue, orange, red, and white coloration and the long graceful and colorful tail of a Shubunkin Goldfish made it one of the popular pet goldfish. Children can’t resist the colorful fish with its playful attitude in the water. Shubunkins love to swim checking all corners of their tank for something interesting – like two eyes staring from outside the tank, for example. The goldfish loves to check its audience waiting for a delicious surprise. Shubunkins are never a boring goldfish type.

Oranda Goldfish

Which Goldfish Is It? 11

But for most of you, a goldfish has long, split tail, beautiful helmet, arched back with fanning dorsal fin, round belly, screaming bright coloration and cute face. That’s an Oranda Goldfish… the most popular among all goldfish types. If your children incessantly talk about their friend’s goldfish, they’ve probably seen an Oranda. No children can resist the cuteness factor of Oranda Goldfish – that’s why it stands number one among the rest of the goldfish types. If you want the tail of the Veil Tail Goldfish, the head of the Ranchu Goldfish, the bright coloration of Common Goldfish, the Oranda is an all-in-one pack for you.

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