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Why Should Children Have a Pet Insect?

Why Should Children Have a Pet Insect? 6

Insects are probably the first animals that a child can independently care for as pets. For concerned parents, there are a lot of reasons they should let their children raise an insect or two as pets. Raising insects on their own teaches children anything from natural processes to personal responsibility. The best part about it is that there are several types of insect that are perfectly clean, educational, and safe for your children.

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If your 5-year old is hounding you for a pet, then checkout some friendly insects you can keep in an aquarium. You’ll not only make your child happy, you’ll help him or her learn something from the experience too.

Insects Are Easy To Care For

Why Should Children Have a Pet Insect? 7

The first reason insects are good for young children to have as pets is that they’re the easiest animal to care for. Unlike dogs that need to be groomed, petted, and walked, all a pet insect needs is the right habitat, food, and water to thrive well and happy. Your 5-year-old child can certainly feed and change the water all on his or her own. Moreover, caring for a pet insect is less costly compared to four-pawed pets.

Insects are Safe for Young Children

Why Should Children Have a Pet Insect? 8

Giving your child a pet insect is also an opportunity to teach him or her that not all bugs are out to get children. Most of the popular pet insect species are actually gentle with kids: they don’t sting or bite, they’re not dirty, and they don’t sneak out at night to haunt kids. Therefore, having a pet insect is also an opportunity to teach your children the old adage “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Grotesque though they might, they’re also capable of behaving properly if you treat them well.

Insects are Educational

If you want to teach children about birth and death, then nothing can be more suitable example than a pet insect. Insects have relatively short life: some insects die in less than 30 days and most live no longer than 2 years. So giving your child a pet insect is an opportunity to let him or her understand that life has a beginning and an end, and that different living organisms have different lifespan. The most important is to enjoy life while it’s around.

Insects Spark Curiosity

Another reason to have a pet insect around young children is that insects spark children’s curiosity. Especially if you tell them their pet insect’s journey from egg to adult, your children’s inquisitive mind will surely be stimulated. Even a colony of termites in the backyard is an opportunity to teach young children the value of cooperation and division of labor in the insect world. Use a pet insect as an opportunity for your children to learn to ask important questions and never stop asking. Remember that great discoveries begin with a single question.

Insects Teach Responsibility

Letting your child have a pet insect is also the subtlest way to teach him or her responsibility. Feeding and changing the water regularly teaches your child to care for another living organism. At a young age, you can teach your child to understand that another life depends on him or her to flourish. It’s a great way to teach your child responsibility while he or she is enjoying the process. You see, teaching responsibility doesn’t have to be a boring and strict discipline.

Safe Pet Insects for Young Children

Why Should Children Have a Pet Insect? 9

Now that you know that a lot of good things can happen if you give your child a pet insect, you should know which insects are good to have as pets. Check out the following pet insects to help you choose one for your child:

1. Ant lion
2. Madagascar hissing cockroach
3. Praying mantis
4. Rhinoceros beetle
5. Stick insect

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