Wild Bird Seeds to Attract Birds in Your Yard

Do you want your yard to come alive with various bird species all year round? Although birds are more active during spring and summer, you can attract birds throughout the year using some popular, affordable wild bird seeds. In fact, the best time of year to give wild bird seed is during winter. Why? Because wild bird seeds are scarce during winter, so birds willingly flock to your porch to fill an empty crop. Isn’t it nice to help these colorful and feathery god’s creations once in a while?

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Number One Favorite Wild Bird Seed

On the top of the list of favorite wild bird seeds is the sunflower seeds. A lot of wild birds including cardinals, finches, jays, woodpeckers, titmice, etc. can’t resist the high in fat, tasty, and small-enough-to-easily-swallow sunflower bird seed. Expect different wild bird species to take turns on your wild bird feeder any time of year if you use sunflower wild bird seed as treats.

Safflower Wild Bird Seed

Safflower wild bird seeds are the next most favorite wild bird food for big-billed birds and cardinals. A safflower bird seed looks like white sunflower seeds with enough fat content to last birds during winter. Safflower wild bird seeds glisten under the summer sun, so wild birds can spot them easily on your yard.

Corn Wild Bird Seed

Cracked corn bird seed is a favorite among large birds that are active throughout the year such as jays, pigeons, and even turkey. If you live near woodland, scattering cracked corn wild bird seed throughout the year attracts these big birds. If you attract turkeys in your yard during Thanksgiving, though, please don’t have them in your entree. Wild turkeys are very rare these days, so please be contented to see them flourish in your yard instead.

Millet Wild Bird Seed

Don’t forget to treat the ground feeders and the tiny wild birds such as finches, juncos, and the sparrows, too. These wild bird species love millet and other tiny wild bird seed that are easy to swallow and digest during winter.

Mixed Wild Bird Seed

Of course, if you want to attract not just one wild bird species in your yard, the best way to go is to put several types of wild bird seed on your bird feeder. Giving birds plenty of options make wild birds happy to keep coming back for more throughout the year.

Other Essentials to Attract Birds in Your Yard

Not all birds eat wild bird seed. Regardless of how colorful the wild bird seeds scattered on the ground, for example, humming birds only eat sweet nectar. Other birds also eat both wild bird seeds and tiny insects or worms, so there’s plenty of other ways you can attract wild birds in your yard like the following:

1. Hang nectar platform feeder in your garden for nectar-feeding birds.
2. Place suet (a mixture of several seeds and meat products) feeder out for birds that eat both wild bird seeds and insects.
3. Have mealworms on raised wild bird feeder to attract insect-feeding wild birds.
4. Occasionally give peanuts, unbuttered and unsalted popcorn, dried or fresh fruits, and fruit seeds out to attract fruit-eating wild birds such as orioles.
5. Always have fresh water available on a large, shallow dish for birds to bathe and drink throughout the season. (You can get ones that are heated to keep fresh water even during winter.)

There you have it… several ways to attract various wild bird species in your yard throughout the year. Wild bird seeds are readily available in pet stores these days, so it should not be a problem to have your yard teaming with wild birds even if it’s freezing outside.

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